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Living in Orlando the past year has taught me how to become an efficient and effective weekend packer. Whether it’s a quick trip back to Kentucky via Allegiant Air, a weekend road-trip to Pensacola, or a beach weekend in Daytona I have learned the ins and outs of packing.

First Step: Plan Your Outfits Accordingly

What are you going to be doing? Who will you be potentially seeing? This weekend I have broken down the events which will be taking place, and the accompanying outfits.

Friday: [Fly In] Leggings, tank, cardigan and sandals. [Go Out Downtown] High-waisted jean shorts, cute long-sleeved top, and the same sandals. 

Saturday: [Big’s Wedding Shower] Black shift dress and glitter wedges. [Dad’s Birthday Dinner] Same outfit worn to shower.

Sunday: [Fly Out] “Y’all” baseball tee, leggings and sandals.

So all together, the clothing I am bringing consists of: 1 Pair Sandals, 1 Pair Wedges, 1 Cardigan1 Pair of Leggings, 1 Pair of Shorts, 1 Long Sleeved top, 1 Dress, 1 Tank, 1 Tee. (All italicized items were worn on the plane, so they were not packed in my bag).

Next Step: Plan the Rest of the Look

Hair: Make it easy on yourself and either decide to straighten, curl, or wand your hair all weekend so you don’t have 10 different hair tools you are trying to bring and pack. I am just going to wand, since my hair holds that very well and I like the look of it for all the events I will be going to.

Makeup: I normally keep all my makeup in a large carrying case to keep it organized, but for trips like this I downsize everything into a smaller makeup bag so it’s easier to pack and fit. Only bring the makeup you wear on a daily basis to keep the amount of products down.

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