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12 Holiday Game Ideas From TikTok To Play At All Your Parties

It’s the holiday season, and what better way to celebrate than by throwing awesome gatherings that are full of joy, laughter, and an appropriate amount of friendly competition? The spirit of the holidays gets warmer inside of you even when the winter cool breeze strikes. One thing is certain, whether you’re celebrating Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas, or just the magic of the season, it’s time to get your loved ones together for some fun and festivities with these holiday game ideas from TikTok!

Holiday get-togethers are the perfect environment for making lasting memories, and what better way to start a party than with a selection of fun games that make everyone smile? This year, TikTok was the holy grail of game ideas that include everyone! 

These games are meant to get people together, and add a little extra humor to the holidays. They range from competitive games that test your holiday knowledge to hilarious challenges that will have everyone in a daze. With this carefully chosen selection of TikTok-inspired holiday games, you can now put away your Santa hats, hang up your sparkling lights, and get ready to sleigh the holiday party game scene. Let’s get the games started, and make your holidays as festive as the laughter that ensues from these festive games!

Saran Wrap Ball

Holiday Party Game!🎁 Saran Wrap Ball!⚪️ We played this last year at our family gathering, and it’s so much fun!! It’s an oldie, but a goodie that everyone loves! A game perfect for all ages!! How to make: 1. Get an assortment of prizes! This could be anything. We used (gift cards, cash, lottery tickets, shooters, candy, and gum) 2. We wrapped the biggest prize in the center ($100 amazon gift card), and then kept adding prizes as we rolled the ball up. 3. After every few prizes, rip off the Saran Wrap and start a new section to keep anyone from unrolling it all in one pull. We used 5 full rolls. How to play: 1. Sit in a circle or around a table. The first player starts unwrapping the ball as fast as they can, winning any prizes that fall out. 2. During this, the person to their left will roll dice until they hit doubles, and then it passes to the next person! Here’s a couple ideas I got from my comments last year: 1. In the whole family is playing together, have the adults wear oven mits to unwrap. 2. Have two separate ball. One for kids with small toys and treats. One for adults with gift cards, shooters, lottery tickets, etc. #holidayparty #christmasparty #familygathering #holidaypartygames #partygames #christmaspartygame #saranwrapball

♬ Tchaikovsky: Russian Dance (From The Nutcracker Suite) – Dreamscape Cinema Orchestra

Discover holiday amusement with this saran wrap game, a festive dose of madness that turns giving gifts into an exciting task. After rolling dice for a chance, players excitedly unwrap the ball while wearing oven mitts, and prizes inside include candy, money, gift cards, and mre. It’s hilarious and suspenseful, and will be a hit to bring to your next holiday party. 

Cupcake Tin Game

We played this game at Friendsgiving & it was so fun & easy to set up 💯😆 10/10 recommend #familygames #holidaygames #thanksgivinggames #friendsgiving

♬ Christmas Is Coming – DM Production

This cupcake tin prize game will make your holiday get-together even more memorable! Beneath each numbered cup is a surprise. Ping pong balls are thrown into the tin by participants from a distance, and their prize coordinates to the cup number. If winning prizes is your cup of tea, you definitely want to bring this to a party. It’s great for children, too!

Cup Game

Step inside the cup game, a lively mix of words and quick cup-grabbing moves. Participants line up with cups in front of the feet facing up, while one person in the room shouts body parts to touch (similar to head, shoulders, knees and toes). When the word “cup” is shouted, one player between the two has to try their best to beat their opponent by being the fastest to grab the cup. This is one of the most competitive games I’ve seen, so be prepared to listen and be fast!

Human-Sized Tic-Tac-Toe

Play this epic family game of tic-tac-toe and have huge fun! Make your living area into a massive grid by carefully placing tape. Split into two teams, each person wearing an X or an O, and have the players mark their territory with large plates and cups. This easy game is perfect for those of all ages, and gets everyone excited for game night!

Hungry Hungry Reindeer

In the entertaining holiday game Hungry Hungry Reindeer, players wear solo cup “antlers” and battle to retrieve the most amount of marshmallows from the center pile. The catch: They can only collect the festive treats with their solo cups, making it challenging to retrieve squishy marshmallows. The game is competitive and hilarious, with players racing to become the ultimate hungry reindeer. 

Fish The Candy Cane

In this fun candy cane fishing game, players create a dangling hook by tying a string with a candy cane around their waist. Players must use their quick reflexes to “fish” for candy canes that are scattered across the floor, and expertly hook them onto their hanging candy. This easy game is a happy and festive holiday competition — the winner is the player who has the most hooked candy canes at the end of the round.

Fruit Roll-Up Challenge

The Fruit Roll-Up Challenge is a fun and amusing game in which players use only their mouths and facial expressions to try and unroll a fruit-flavored snack, typically a Fruit Roll-Up. The objective is to successfully unfold the whole roll without using hands. It’s a well-liked game for get-togethers, parties, and team-building exercises. This game is fun for all ages, the kiddos will love this one!

Shot Roll-Up

Time to pull out the rolls of toilet paper and shot glasses! Weird combination, I know, but it makes for a fun and interesting game. Unroll your toilet paper and sit next to your opponents. At the end of the toilet paper rolls, put a shot glass filled with the beverage of your choosing and try your best to roll it up without any spills or breaking your paper. The first to roll up the toilet paper with no breakage wins the game! This is a challenging game that tests your ability to take your time and be steady.

Fast Hands

On a large table, line up solo cups around all the edges of the table. Participants need to knock down all of the solo cups within the time limit (usually 10 seconds) in order to open up a gift bag at the end. Be quick and have fast hands if you want to win a present this year!

Coca-Cola Plinko

The original Plinko game became the inspiration for the creative and fun Coca-Cola Plinko game on TikTok. On a table, set up a bunch of soda cans. At the end of the table is an array of solo cups with cash prizes inside. Ping pong balls are dropped onto the table by players in turn, with the goal of passing the soda cans and landing them into one of the cups. The player is then given the prize linked with the cup where the ball lands!

Mouse Trap Christmas

This game is definitely not for everyone, but can bring some spice to a holiday party. Laid out on a table are mouse traps, cash, candy and gift cards. The idea of the game is to be slow and steady by trying not to get snapped by a mouse trap and just retrieving the lovely prizes. The trick is, you have to be blindfolded. If you don’t want to get pinched by a mouse trap this Christmas, I suggest sitting out of this game.

Christmas Roll

Obviously, you have to save the best for last. The idea of this game is to find a long table and lay down sections of table and prizes in each section. Prizes can consist of candy, cash, gift cards, stuffed animals, or even funny household items. Each participant will push a roll of wrapping paper down the table, trying to land in a section to win a prize. Be careful — a lot of players tend to roll it fast, making it roll straight off the table, leaving you with no prize. Remember to take your time and have fun!

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