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What I’m Bringing To Her Conference & Why You Should Bring It, Too

Her Conference is just a few days away and I am in full-blown outfit planning and packing mode. This means lots of online orders and returns, midday shopping, and plenty of Pinterest mood boards happening. The event takes place at the beautiful Atrium Brooklyn (you can still buy tickets!), where hundreds of college students and recent grads will come together for a day of inspiration, connection, and community. We’ll hear from keynote speakers Amelie Zilber and Leah Thomas and an incredible group of panelists including Marissa Meizz, Alice Chen, Emily Ocon, Heather Lovato, and so many more. 

With that being said, I spent the past few weeks searching for all of the things that I would need to ensure that I was prepared and ready to conquer a weekend in NYC and a day at Her Conference. If you’re like me and have no idea what to bring with you for the big day, here are a few things I’m packing with me.

Tote bag

When I decided to attend Her Conference, I knew I needed the perfect bag that was not only versatile but trendy, and Calpak’s Haven Laptop Tote did not disappoint. The bag is 16″ x 12.5″ x 5″ and includes a removable and adjustable shoulder strap, a luggage trolley sleeve, and a removable laptop sleeve with enough room to carry all of my essentials. It’s ultra-lightweight — coming in at less than 3 lbs — and has enough pockets to fit just about everything.

It includes a large pocket that is made to fit my 13.6-inch Macbook Air, three small interior pockets to fit my valuable items such as my Apple Airpod Pros for the subway ride (and to listen to my Her Conference playlist), Staci Slim Card Holder, and Birdie+, and four medium-sized exterior pockets to just about anything else you could think of. And just when you think there’s too much space, you have enough to fit your emotional support water bottle and bring home all of the fun things you’ll leave with from Her Conference partners and sponsors such as Sol De Janeiro, Living Proof, and Lancôme.

Haven Laptop Tote Bag, Calpak, $178

Portable charger

When Apple created MagSafe accessories, I immediately said goodbye to clunky portable chargers and cords stuffed in my bag. Anker’s magnetic battery pack not only comes in different colors but is less than half the price of the original magnetic charger and allows me to keep using my phone throughout the day without having to tuck it away or carry it with a long cord. Now you can continue uploading Instagram Stories, following all of the incredible people you meet, and taking pictures all day long without worrying about your phone making it until the end of the day.

621 Magnetic Battery, Anker, $40

Blue light glasses

By now, I’m well aware of the importance of using blue light-blocking glasses. When my ophthalmologist told me that I would benefit from wearing them more often because I was working eight to 10 hours a day, they recommended investing in blue light-blocking prescription glasses. That’s when I fell in love with the Warby Parker Hughes and made the switch from contacts to glasses, and the difference is incredible.

Although I’ll be at Her Conference IRL, the number of pictures, stories, and reels being taken is bound to have me on my phone, and in order to be feeling my best, I’m ensuring that I’m covering all my bases. Whether they’re prescription or basic blue light blockers, your head and your eyes will thank you later.

Hughes Glasses (Blue-Light-Filtering), Warby Parker, $95+

Personal items
alo hand wipes

There are always a few personal items that I can’t travel or attend events without. This includes my favorite Touchland x Smiley hand sanitizer, ALŌ Sweet Orange Bergamot + Aloe Sanitizing Hand Wipes, Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm, Welly Quick Fix Kit, my favorite travel size perfume, Nécessaire travel size deodorant, Shout Wipe & Go Instant Stain Remover — because I always spill something — and Colgate Max Fresh Wisps. All of these items combined guarantee all bases are covered and you’re prepared for just about anything to come your way at Her Conference.

Sweet Orange Bergamot + Aloe Sanitizing Hand Wipes (3 Pack), ALŌ, $15

Note-taking essentials

If you’re anything like me, you have been taking notes since you could write and have the perfect collection of note-taking essentials. Not only will I be taking notes on my laptop during the event, but I’ll also be taking handwritten notes throughout the day of key points, things to remember, and important moments. Whether on-screen or on paper, I’ll be bringing my favorite quick-dry ink pens, no-bleed highlighters, and a tote-friendly notebook, along with Apple Notes and Google Docs open and ready to go!

Blank Journal 7″x9″ Softcover Graphic Flowers Periwinkle Blue, greenroom, $8

All of these items combined guarantee all bases are covered and you’re prepared for just about anything to come your way at Her Conference in NYC. See you there!

Sarah Wingo is a national writer at Her Campus where she writes for the culture vertical covering entertainment topics such as tv, movie, and book coverage, celebrity and author interviews, and Gen-Z-related breaking news and trends. Beyond Her Campus, Sarah works as the Editor-in-Chief at Not Wasting My Twenties where she oversees the company's communications editorial strategies, manages a team of contributing writers, editors, and interns, and handles all major entertainment and culture interviews and articles including celebrity and author interviews and television, movie, and book coverage. In her free time, Sarah enjoys reading young adult romance and thriller novels, listening to her favorite podcasts, taking yoga, pilates, or cycling classes, and binge-watching the newest movies, series, and documentaries on just about every streaming platform.