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HC’s 20 Favorite Bikinis for Spring Break

Although the weather may not get warmer for a while (Punxsutawney Phil did see his shadow, after all), with Spring Break just a few weeks away there’s a nearby opportunity to hit the beach. So, instead of just wearing a bikini that’s been sitting in a drawer since tenth grade, Her Campus compiled a list of our 20 favorite bikinis to fit your body type and budget.

Small Bust

“Itsy, bitsy, teeny-weeny, yellow polka-dot bikini”
While wearing a bright yellow bikini isn’t for everyone (blondes, beware), this ruffled top is a cute, modern take on the classic song.
Target: Top $17.99, Bottom $14.99

Lovely in Lilac
In a pretty shade of lilac, this simple bikini has a sweet ruffled pattern on the center of its top as well as each side of the bottom. With thin halter straps to tie around your neck, this bandeau bikini is perfect for those of us without much to hold up a strapless, but who still like the look.
Macy’s: Top $19.98, Bottom $19.98

?Twist & Tie
Swimming in the ocean or jumping into the pool can present problems when wearing a bikini, especially when you have a small chest. To prevent a possible wardrobe malfunction, this bikini has optional halter-top straps that attach to the sides of its cute padded bandeau top.
Delia’s: Top $29.50, Bottom $29.50

Wear the Rainbow
With a padded, push-up bandeau top and a gorgeous combination of colors, this unique bikini is a great way to flaunt your body. With its built-in padding, you’ll also have curves you didn’t even know were there! While the bathing suit comes in different solid and print patterns, our favorite is definitely the stripe design.
Victoria’s Secret: Top $38 (solids), $42 (prints); Bottom $28 (solids), $32 (prints)

Glitters, gems and jewels
Ruffles and sparkles: what could be better? This bikini – which comes in white or black – is perfect for adding the illusion of more curves beneath the ruffles. And, with a bathing suit by Michael Kors, it’ll definitely be good quality.
Nordstrom: Top $100, Bottom $68


Large Bust

Cute Coverage 
While it may be hard to decide which pattern or color is our favorite, this push-up halter bikini is great because it gives a lot of support without adding any extra padding.
Victoria’s Secret: Top $26 (solids), $28 (prints); Bottom $18 (solids), $20 (prints)

Halter for Hotties
This polka-dot (or plain) bikini is a relatively inexpensive solution if you want a new bathing suit this season. It also has enough material to hold you in while still showing off your beach-ready body.
Delia’s: Top $29.50, Bottom $29.50

Multicolor Magic
Thicker, adjustable straps make this patterned, halter-top bikini a perfect way to show off your natural curves with class. With a green, blue, white and brown zigzag stripe pattern, this bathing suit’s colors will go well with almost any skin tone.
Nordstrom: Top $59, Bottom $43

Rave-Ready Neon
The bright, contrasting pinks and oranges on this adorable bikini make it a must-have for this Spring Break. This neon bathing suit will help make you stand out from the crowd without having to visit a tanning salon (which you shouldn’t be doing anyway!).
Macy’s: Top $67, Bottom $58

Yacht Club Chillin’
While the price is a bit steep, if you’re looking to purchase a lasting bathing suit, this is the way to go. This versatile blue- and white-striped bikini has the perfect amount of fabric to cover up enough skin but reveal enough to still catch the cute lifeguard’s eye.
Nordstrom: Top $81, Bottom $64


Small Hips

It’s like magic…
This solid turquoise bikini, with ties on each side, is a perfect spring shade. Because of the ties, the bathing suit will show off your natural shape while subtly adding elegant curves.
Bianca Coletti on Bluefly.com, $27.99

Spring Fling
With a floral pattern and black and white polka dot accent, this bikini has a unique flair that’s perfect as the flowers begin to naturally blossom around the country. The tiny floral skirt around the bathing suit’s waist also adds cute style that helps add curves if there aren’t many naturally.
Victoria’s Secret: Top $24, Bottom $25

Shimmer, shine and glow
The cinched sides on the bottom of this dark teal bikini, tied by an orange string, are a tasteful decoration to the simple design. With a shimmery fabric, the bathing suit will sparkle whenever the sun hits it just right.
Topshop: $55

Feel Like a Victoria’s Secret Angel 
The satin-looking blue nylon/Lycra® spandex of this bikini gives it a chic look at a relatively low price. With a ruched, fold-over bottom, the bathing suit complements a less curvaceous figure.
Victoria’s Secret: Top $48 (solids), $52 (prints); Bottoms $34 (solids), $38 (prints)

Cheetah Girls
Although this bathing suit has a simple style, its bold leopard print will make you stand out on any beach you visit. With a girly black bow on one side of the bikini’s bottom, you’ll look fashionable even though you’re not wearing much clothing!
White House Black Market: Top $48, Bottom $44


Large Hips

Red Hot There are few things I love more than Target (pronounced tar-jeh, of course). So when they have a cute, bright red bikini in stock there’s very little that can stop me from buying it. This suit has looser material on each side of the bottom, perfect for accommodating a little more to love without any awkward rolls.
Target: $22.99

LBB (Little Black Bikini)
The flattering ruched waist, which adds a bit of stomach coverage to the bottom of this bikini, is a chic complement to this standard bathing suit. The style, which comes in black, navy and grey, is only available in plus sizes.
Old Navy: Bottom: $24.94, Top $34.94 

Flashback to the ‘50s
Reminiscent of a Marilyn Monroe-style bathing suit, this pink- and black-striped bikini puts a modern spin on a classic look. This more modest look is perfect for hiding a few pounds that just wouldn’t go away or just rocking a more unique style.
Topshop: $60

Simple & Elegant
Three golden spirals on each side of the bottom accent this simple black bikini, a flattering color for any body type. Because the bottom of this bikini is cut to provide more coverage, it’s perfectly suited for those with bigger hips.
: Top $60, Bottom $54

“I want a girl with a short skirt/ And a long jacket”
With a short, sarong-like bottom, this bathing suit uses an “in” pattern with a time-old look to create a beautiful bathing suit. While wearing a skirted bikini may seem like a “mom” thing to do, the length and design of the skirt make it something just right for collegiettes.
Nordstrom: Top $94, Bottom $86

No matter what your body shape, there’s a bikini on the market that’ll flatter your curves (or lack thereof) just right. While it may take a bit of time to find it, at least it’ll serve as another excuse to go shopping!

Stephanie Haven is a freshman at Tufts University where she plans to major in Sociology with a minor in Communication and Media Studies. She enjoys making terrible puns about her Tufts of hair and Jumbo supply of stockpiled food. After college she plans to live in New York City where she hopes to pursue her dream of becoming a journalist. You can find her trying to figure out Twitter @stephaniehaven.
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