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This week we’ve got last minute advice as you finish packing for COLLEGE!!!!
Duct tape. My dad gave me a roll when I moved into my dorm freshman year, and I expected it would still be completely full by the time I graduated. It’s actually come in handy a shockingly large number of times over the past three years. I guess mom’s not the only one who knows best!
– Sarah Weinberg, Contributing Writer, San Diego State University 

Don’t forget to bring a few pairs of extra sheets to your dorm room! It’s much easier to throw your dirty sheets in the hamper and whip out clean sheets to sleep on when the laundry room is too crowded on laundry day, you have too many tests to study for, or too many parties to attend!
– Elizabeth Wagmeister, Campus Correspondent, UCSB
Don’t forget a Swiffer duster! Dorm rooms collect SO much dust because they’re so small, so a Swiffer is seriously the perfect thing to use in your room. It doesn’t feel like cleaning cause it only takes like 5 minutes max!
– Laura Maddox, Campus Correspondent, Appalachian State University
Rain boots!
– Danielle Monsiegneur, Marketing Services Associate, University of Connecticut

An air mattress is essential for college! Whether you or your neighbors have visitors or you are being “sexiled” for a night, an air mattress will ensure a goodnight’s sleep!
– Kelsey Mulvey, Contributing Writer, Boston University 
Don’t forget an umbrella! It sounds silly and like you’ll never even need it, but it’s always good to keep in your backpack for the random storms that pop up during class, since you still have to walk all the way back to your dorm!
– Caitlin Fernandez, Campus Correspondent, Virginia Tech 
Don’t forget your mattress topper! It’s essential for getting you through that first night in an uncomfortable Twin-XL bed in an unfamiliar room.
– Tarina Quraishi, Contributing Writer, Harvard University 
Don’t forget some form of protection! No, I don’t mean condoms… I mean pepper spray, or something of the like. Keep yourself protected on and off campus to have a safe year! Be aware of your surroundings — a college campus is probably a lot different than your neighborhood at home!
– Kristie Demers, Campus Correspondent, NCSU

Don’t forget to bring a bath rug! It will help keep your bathroom from being super slippery and wet all the time. Gladware and pots and pans are also something to not forget!
– Krista Evans, Campus Correspondent, Simmons College
Don’t forget to bring basic tools. It’s incredibly hard to construct things like a desk chair or a lofted bed without a hammer, and I always end up having to find a guy friend to bring over his tool kit for me to use. This year, I’m going to get a head start and bring my own hammer and screw driver!
– Jenni Whalen, Contributing Writer, Bucknell University 
Sometimes thinking of all the big things you need to bring makes you forget the most important little things.  I forgot a brush, only to realize it after I showered.  I soon bought one but I ended up walking around meeting everyone with frizzy hair!
– Nikki Williams, Campus Correspondent, University of Michigan 
When getting ready for college move-in day, don’t forget to register for a parking permit and learn where you’re allowed to park! My first week on campus, I was so busy trying to get my dorm in order that I didn’t read the campus parking policy. Without knowing, I parked on the 1st floor of my school’s garage, and when I went to my car a few days later, I had a lovely $100 ticket waiting for me! Although I worked everything out with Campus Security, it wasn’t a fun experience, and I know other schools aren’t as forgiving! All in all, make sure you know where you can park your car and make sure you get your parking sticker!
– Bianca Elizabeth Ortega, Campus Correspondent, Belmont University

Don’t forget to bring picture frames or a corkboard to show off pictures of you and all your friends having fun during the semester!
– Allie Duncan, Contributing Writer, University of Missouri 

Don’t forget to bring a fan. It’s usually very hot on move-in day and a fan will help cool you down when there’s no air conditioning.
– Erica Avesian, Contributing Writer, University of Michigan 
Don’t forget to bring Clorox wipes! Seriously, they’re a lifesaver for cleaning your dorm room. I went through multiple packs during the year and used them on everything from my doorknob to the tile floor. I didn’t always have time to clean, but a quick sweep makes you feel like you got most of the germs out!
– Dani Wong, Contributing Writer, University of San Francisco

Don’t forget a lint roller (Not only will this keep your comforter looking nice, but you never know when your outfit will need one), posters (they make a dorm room look much more homey), a blanket (for those cold nights!), and a small reading light (my roommate sophomore year was really sensitive to light, and I was always up late studying while she was sleeping).
– Rachel Bennett, Editorial Intern, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Don’t forget to bring lots of snacks you like to keep in the room (campus food can be a little sketchy) and shower shoes — they’re so easy to forget, but you definitely won’t want to leave them at home!
– Madeline Buxton, Contributing Writer, Yale University 
What else would you like to remind people not to forget? Let us know by leaving a comment below! 

Cara Sprunk has been the Managing Editor of Her Campus since fall 2009. She is a 2010 graduate of Cornell University where she majored in American Studies with a concentration in cultural studies. At Cornell Cara served as the Assistant Editor of Red Letter Daze, the weekend supplement to the Cornell Daily Sun where she also wrote for the news and arts section and blogged about pop culture. In her free time Cara enjoys reading, shopping, going to the movies, exploring and writing.  
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