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HC Abroad: The View From Above

Hello Collegiettes!

I am currently writing to you from a train heading out of King’s Cross station on route with my brother to Edinburgh! (The Harry Potter nerd in me is freaking out over that sentence for so many reasons)

It has been an absolutely crazy week, between writing papers, studying for finals, as well as introducing my brother to the wonderful city of London.

Our first stop this weekend was to Abbey Road. My brother is a huge Beatles fan, so this was an absolute must during his visit. What we didn’t realize/ think about was the fact that Abbey Road is a major road in use… so cars get rather annoyed when people try to do the infamous Beatles pose in the crosswalk, which tends to happen every minute or two.

Saturday we went to the Doctor Who Experience. If you aren’t familiar with Doctor Who, it is an extremely popular British television show that both my brother and I are very big fans of (stemming from my Dad). The experience was a mixture of a 3D experience as well as an exhibit featuring costumes, outfits, and props from the over 50 years of Doctor Who history.  Also on Saturday I took my brother to traditional British pub for his first authentic Fish & Chips.

Sunday was a gorgeous sunny 50 degree day in London (a VERY rare occurrence), so I again put off the large amounts of work I had to do to take my brother into Westminster to see the classic tourist stops: Westminster Abbey, Parliament, Big Ben, and so on. We also decided to go on the London Eye. Note: The London Eye is really expensive at just over 18 pounds, but it is definitely a worthwhile experience. Tim and I timed it so that we would be on at sunset, and it was absolutely breathtaking.  You really get to take in all of London, and it’s definitely something I recommend for any study abroad collegiette or tourist.

Yesterday and today have become a haze after lack of sleep, writing papers, and trying to study, but I am excited to arrive in Scotland in four hours! One of my roommates from Fordham, Emily, is studying in Edinburgh so we are planning to meet up with her tonight and explore Scotland!

Next week I can tell you all about my adventures in Edinburgh, as well as with my parents in London since they arrive on Thursday night! Also you might be wondering what my internship ended up being, funny story I am still wondering too! I am still waiting to hear, which is somewhat nerve-wracking because I am supposed to start in six days, but my placement advisor has assured me that I shouldn’t worry, so I am planning on just enjoying my week and worrying about that after my family leaves.

Until next time,
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Emily attended Fordham University and majored in Communication and Media Studies with a concentration in journalism and a minor in Political Science. A wicked Massachusetts girl at heart who loves writing, shopping, and spending time with loved ones. Emily is constantly looking for new adventures and finds herself eternally wanderlust.  
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