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HC Abroad: Life as a Glaswegian

One of the reasons I chose my study abroad program was because I would have a full cultural immersion experience as an international student at the University of Glasgow. I am not on a program directly affiliated with my home university. In fact, I am one of only two students from American University studying here! I enjoy living in Glasgow; the city is large yet manageable (and affordable), and the people are so friendly—today, a taxi driver today my friend and I all about a new restaurant in the city and must-see places in Scotland. 

Student life is also great. Every Wednesday, my friends and I attend the pub quiz at Jim’s Bar in the Queen Margaret Union. We have never won the cash prize (it’s hard when you’re new to Scottish/British culture), but it’s always a fun event. I love the QMU because it’s a great place to hang out, and they always have great events going on. I joined the social committee and try to help out as much as I can! Last night, we went to Cheesy Pop, a fantastic night of dancing to songs from past decades. It’s held every Friday, and yesterday’s theme was Cheesy Pop’s 18th Birthday. Yes, it was the actual 18th anniversary of the event!

I have also been busy this week trying to keep up with schoolwork (here’s where the study part of “study abroad” comes in). It’s been quite an adjustment to a different style of learning—there are very few assignments that are each heavily weighted. My courses do not have busy work, and for the most part, there is a lot of freedom in choosing paper topics. I am taking a first level course in film studies and third level honours in marketing. There is a huge discrepancy in the level of difficulty. In level one, the professors and tutors constantly address questions to make sure we understand the assignments and provide assistance through e-mail and office hours. In level three, it’s every collegiette™ for herself: my professor limits the amount of time we can meet with her, and she only addresses general questions during lectures. As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, I am finding it challenging to complete a main assignment without knowing if I am doing the proper work! I’m sure everything academically will work out, but I really do miss office hours (that professors are required to have) at AU.

Tomorrow I am attending Glasgow’s Christmas Lights in George Square. It is a free event with several performances and of course, the unveiling of the Christmas lights around the city centre! 

Lesley Siu graduated from American University in May 2013 with a BA in Film and Media Arts and minors in Marketing and International Business. Originally from Hawaii, she loves photography, fashion, travel, social media and everything Parisian. She has interned at GLAMOUR magazine in New York and Washington Life Magazine in DC, but her proudest accomplishment is founding Her Campus American in 2011 while interning in Melbourne, Australia. You can usually find her reading a magazine, enjoying a hazelnut latte or posting a photo on Instagram... and sometimes, all at the same time. Follow her on Twitter: @lesleysiu and visit her blog.
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