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So, Will There Be New Halloween Sonny Angels To Collect This Year?

Even in the year of Barbie, another doll has made its way into the hearts of Gen Z. Remember those $1 collectable surprise toys you would beg for every time you went shopping with your parents as a kid? Sonny Angel dolls have a similar blind box appeal to them, so you don’t know what you’re getting until you open it. 

Sonny Angel is “an angel boy that will give you healing and make you smile,” according to the brand’s website. The dolls come out in collections which feature the Sonny Angels in themed headwear and sometimes tops. So, with spooky season on the horizon, you’re probably wondering if Halloween 2023 Sonny Angels are available to purchase yet.

Gen Z has fallen in love with the dolls, giving the generation a sense of healing their inner children. According to an The New York Times, fans said the appeal is “one part collecting fad, one part dopamine hit and one part subcultural signifier.” And not only does the brand have collections released throughout the year, but they also release limited edition dolls. It’s not just the brief time they are available that makes these limited edition dolls special — they’re also larger than the original three-inch miniature dolls.

In the last few years the number of limited edition Sonny Angel collections have varied. In 2020, six limited mini figure collections were released, followed by seven in 2021, and 10 in 2022. So far in 2023, only two limited collections have been released, Cat Life and Afternoon Tea.

The last time consumers got a full Halloween collection from the doll brand was 2021. This was the brand’s first Halloween series to debut. While there hasn’t been another holiday collection yet this year, it is safe to say there’s a good possibility that new Halloween dolls will be released. In 2021, the Halloween collection consisted of angels in witch, pumpkin, owl, ghost, bat, and cat costumes.

For Halloween 2022, Sonny Angels decided to listen to their customers asking for more and added to the original Halloween collection. The additions included six new “secret angels.” They consisted of both Sonny Angels and Robbie Angels in three different colors — purple, green, and pink. Both the Sonny and Robbie Angels wore jack-o-lantern costumes in their given color.

OK, but what about this year? Are there new dolls? Well, the answer is yes — sort of. Sonny Angel USA announced a restock on Instagram on Sept. 29, which includes the Halloween series from 2021, as well as the Circus Series from 2019 and 2022, with a promise of six new secret kinds. The circus series includes dolls in Halloween-esque costumes, including bear, elephant, sheep, horse, ringmaster, and monkey.

Even if most of these dolls are ones you’ve already seen before, though, you will be able to dress up like your favorite Sonny Angel! On Sept. 27, Sonny Angel USA announced the release of official Sonny Angel wings and headgear for the fawn, mouse, and rabbit dolls, so you can match your dolls as a life-size angel. The release date is “early October,” so any day now, you’ll be able to get your hands on these costumes. Happy Halloween!

Shay Nicolay

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