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Get Better Grades With This Study Technique

With fall here, it’s time to start getting back into study mode (ugh). Luckily, HC has discovered the easiest way to do it: McGraw-Hill’s LearnSmart! This innovative new software uses adaptive technology to cater to how you learn best. With a set of flexible study questions and an in-depth progress report, it helps you understand the core concepts in a given subject so that you can concentrate on more advanced topics in class.  Students who use LearnSmart are 35 percent more likely to complete their class. They’re also 13 percent more likely to pass their class and often improve their performance by a full letter grade!

With LearnSmart, you select from more than 200 courses, ranging from algebra to organic chemistry to financial and managerial accounting. After you choose, the course begins. You begin by answering a few questions related to core concepts and key themes so that LearnSmart can establish how much you know, and how confident you are in certain subject areas.

All subsequent study sessions are based upon this first questionnaire, but that doesn’t mean you’re just sitting there answering the same monotonous questions! LearnSmart introduces a game-like scoring system to engage your competitive side so that you learn the material without even realizing it. As you go along, LearnSmart collects information about the way you take tests and adjusts your review questions to your strengths and weaknesses.

At the end of each study session, LearnSmart provides you with a thorough report of exactly what material you covered and how well you know it. When finals week comes around, you can study your weakest topics with a series of practice quizzes and self-assessments.

LearnSmart really lets you study your way. Not only does it formulate its review questions and curriculum to your learning style, it’s also accessible via computer, iPhone, iPad, and most Android devices so that you can get some studying in even when you’re on the go!

Whether it’s your first semester in college or the beginning of your senior year, make sure you don’t fall behind this fall term by getting LearnSmart!

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