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Make An Entrance On Threads With These Hilarious First Post Ideas

I woke up this morning to an explosion of Threads content — and needless to say, as someone who is chronically online, I have never downloaded an app faster. ICYMI, Threads is a new app rolled out by Meta with a similar short-form text style to Twitter. Everyone, thank Mark Zuckerberg for adding to our screen time and social media addictions. 

The app is obviously popping off, and many are asking for it to be an unhinged safe space for all of the chronically online Gen Zers to connect… and go just a little crazy. (It’s giving YikYak circa 2011, but with less bullying, TBH.) There’s a lot happening on the app right and many of your favorite companies (Her Campus included) have joined, but we don’t care about marketing: Show us the funniest things that made the app in the first few hours of its launch. Don’t worry bestie, I got you, these are some of the best first Threads to post to celebrate joining the app. (Please don’t ask about my screen time right now.)

@zuck I blame you for my screen time. 

Because we all know our screen time is going to go up. 

Idk what this app is, but here I am. 

Add a cute little selfie, too. 

One more app… Don’t mind if I do.

Is Threads going to be a safe space for the chronically online?

Hi Lol.

Short ‘n simple.

U Up?

Shoot your shot with all of Threads, I guess.

Is this thing on? 

This is such a popular one right now, but it makes me giggle every time. 

How do I make this about me.

I’d put money on a Leo using this one. 

The moment you’ve been waiting for.

Give your fans what they want.

Summer 2023 🤝 Threads.

We all know this is how we will be spending our summer. 

Did anyone check on Twitter?

Like are we using both apps? Or just Threads? Is Twitter okay? 

Threads, you’re doing great, sweetie!

A little throwback to Keeping Up With The Kardashians is exactly what this app needs. 

*Adds Threads As a skill to LinkedIn* 

If you have been scrolling for hours you deserve a LinkedIn update TBH. 

Guys, I am not funny enough for this. 

But you are!

So… now I just have to be on Threads, Instagram, and TikTok at the same time? 

I’m also feeling slightly overwhelmed. 

Did I just get left on *Thread*?

I mean, it’s better than getting left on read.

It’s been ___ hours since I checked TikTok.

Move over TikTok, there’s a new social media addiction! 

 I would love to be an outdoors girlie, but it wasn’t in the cards for me so I’m here instead. 

You’re still in bed, aren’t you? 

Anyone want to kiss?

Me! Me! Me!

So, how long do I need to be active on this app?

Asking for a friend.

It’s me, hi.

Are you the problem?

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