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Enter to Win a Premium Coffee Maker, Kettle and Toaster from Electrolux!

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As budding professional women in a fast-paced world, it can be difficult to stay energized, healthy and on top of your game while also on a budget. We are constantly on the run and thus, in search of the newest, first-rate appliances to help us start our mornings off right and keep up power throughout the day.

Meet Electrolux, the premium appliance manufacturer for home care and kitchen enthusiasts! Electrolux products blend high-quality performance and easy-to-use features, all while keeping on trend. Electrolux’s newest line of kitchen appliances, the Expressionist Collection, features their most sleek and stylish products yet. Her Campus has teamed up with Electrolux to give away three products that we know our collegiettes desperately need – and will love endlessly!

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The Expressionist Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker, Expressionist Water Kettle and Expressionist Toaster are made of stainless steel and are all equally chic, convenient and sophisticated. The Carafe Coffee Maker features a PureAdvantage™ Water Filter that ensures great tasting water. It uses an advanced brewing system with the Aroma Strength™ Selector and ProBrew™ Shower System to extracts the coffee's best flavors, leading to a fantastic tasting brew. For tea aficionados, the Expressionist Water Kettle is the most ideal kettle on the market; it uses the OneCup Turbo™ function to boil one serving of water within only 60 seconds! Finally, The Expressionist Toaster uses a DigitalVision™ Precision Timer, telling you when your toast is ready down to the exact second. It also has a programmable darkness selector, which provides seven digital browning levels for light to dark toast and covers every shade in between. What more could you need for your kitchen?

Shake your Starbucks habit and kick start your morning the right way by entering to win an Electrolux Expressionist coffee maker, water kettle and toaster! One lucky winner will win all three—so enter now to win!

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