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Fuel Your Midterms Study Sesh With These Meal Delivery Promo Codes & Discounts

From late-night library sessions to sporadic sleep schedules, midterm season has arrived, and many students across the U.S. will be preparing to take exams in hopes of solidifying a good grade. To aid students in acing their midterms, many food delivery services including Grubhub created student delivery programs to make sure students are being fueled. From snacks to coffee, there are numerous food delivery services to de-stress from tests.

With midterms being notoriously known for arguably making or breaking one’s course grade, numerous students seek guidance on ways to navigate midterm madness and survive the remainder of the semester.  With scores that will decide whether or not one has a chance of passing a class, many make sure to do everything they can to achieve the best score possible while sacrificing sleep and fuel.  However, I will argue that you can achieve success while alleviating the stress tests and essays cause during midterms season — and that’s where food comes in.

In addition to reminding you about the importance of developing adequate study skills, sleep schedules, and being mindful of your mental health, I would also like to remind you of the importance of having balanced meals. When studying for tests, some students become so stressed to the point that they skip meals due to not having time to cook or going out to eat. But by making sure that you are fueling yourself with food, which you can do with delivery services including DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats, you will become a step closer to surviving midterms season. Here are some subscriptions and promotional codes to aid you in having a successful midterm week.

DoorDash’s DashPash For College Students

During midterm season, you will constantly be on the go. One way to make sure you are embodying “food is fuel” is by using DoorDash as your next dinner date idea. Only $4.99 a month, DashPash offers numerous wallet-friendly restaurants and deals for college students. Included in the DashPash subscription is unlimited $0 delivery fees on eligible orders and members-only promotions. Lastly, all undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to purchase a DashPass membership.

Uber Eats

In collaboration with Student Beans, students can save up to 10% by registering and verifying your email on the Uber website. In addition, students can get $10 off their Uber Eats order on UNiDAYS by verifying their student status. All you will need to do is either sign up with your university email or upload your student ID.  


An additional delivery service to aid you in achieving an A on your midterm is Grubhub. With the Grubhub student membership — only $9.99 a month — you’ll have access to free delivery on any order that is at least $12, and unlimited free delivery. Lastly, if you have an Amazon Prime membership, the Grubhub student membership is free year- long. 


If you need a quick snack to alleviate anxiety or stress, another delivery service you should look into is GoPuff. For new customers, students will be able to get $15 off their first three orders, saving a total of $45. You can redeem this promotion with the code Promo45.

Student Beans 

Lastly, another way to be fueled for midterm is by using the Student Beans app. Some highlighted discounts include 50% on all Domino’s Pizza when ordered online — no minimum required! Additionally with a Student Beans account, you can receive 25% off your first DoorDash order.  

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