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These Custom Sorority Stanley Cups Will Show Off Your Letters While You Sip

Attention all sorority sisters – it’s time to elevate your beverage game with the hottest trend in tumbler accessories: personalized Stanley cups. The rise of the Stanley Cup phenomenon has transformed ordinary tumblers into unique canvases for self-expression, giving sorority members an exciting way to showcase their sisterhood pride. It’s time to get yourself a personalized sorority Stanley cup to show off your letters no matter where you are.

Imagine sipping your favorite drink from a custom sorority cup that not only reflects your personal style, but also proudly displays your organization’s Greek letters. These personalized Stanley cups are must-haves for sorority members, offering a versatile accessory that can be flaunted at the gym, on the go, or even on your desk in class.

While Stanley’s website offers an immersive personalization experience with five different fonts and the latest seasonal colors, it comes at an additional cost of $10, making your custom 40-ounce tumbler a total of $55. However, for those seeking a more budget-friendly option, the customization journey doesn’t end there.

Various online platforms like Etsy, Greek Gear, and Mark & Graham have taken the craze to the next level, offering an array of custom sorority cups to customers. To guide you, here’s a curated list of some coveted custom sorority Stanley cup tumblers. Cheers to sisterhood in every sip!

Kappa Delta 40-Ounce Tumbler ($40)

SororityShopUS has 40-ounce tumblers in a spectrum of cute pastel colors. Sip with style, and flaunt your sorority pride like never before!

Custom Engraved Kappa Tumbler ($43)

Explore custom engraved tumblers in white, red, and black. Share your Greek letters and chapter logo, and this Etsy shop will carve them into your cup for a personalized touch.

Sorority Engraved 40-ounce Tumbler ($32)

Check out these sorority tumblers that are engraved in a fun, girly font. Each sorority comes in a specific color, so all the girls in your chapter can sip in uniform.

Sorority Insulated 40-Ounce Tumbler ($49)

With six tumbler colors and 17 font colors, this Mark & Graham option allows you to create a custom masterpiece.

So Sorority Take Me Everywhere Tumbler ($50)

The So Sorority Take Me Everywhere Tumbler is a stylish choice, with letters that alternate between shades of pink, yellow, and green. 

Custom Sorority 40-ounce Tumbler ($35)

These tumblers will let your sorority shine with their glitter options. Choose between Matte White, Matte Blush Rose, Glitter Seaside, and Glitter Berry Glow.

Duo Threads Stella Sorority Tumbler ($39)

These tumblers come in holographic finishes, so your sorority can sip with a bit of shimmer. 

Wrapsody Sorority 40-ounce tumbler ($48)

This tumbler comes in one neutral color, but the real charm lies in the cute sorority letter magnet. Stick it on your cup and wear your letters with pride!

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