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Do You Consider Yourself a Cookie Connoisseur? Enter Your Recipe for a Chance to Win $5,000

Are you a seasoned baker, up for the challenge of creating a legendary cookie recipe? Or perhaps, you already have one? Either way, this is a holiday contest that takes the cake (or the cookie?), but there is a catch involved: your recipe has to contain one, wacky ingredient of your choice – something you’d never think of as a cookie component. 

From now until December 8th, you can enter your submission to the Reynolds Kitchens® Cookie Connoisseur competition. All you have to do is submit your unique recipe (with a picture!) to careers@ReynoldsSweetGig.com in a bullet point format, along with your age, city and state, and an explanation for why you deserve the title in 250 words or less. Entries will be judged based on passion, taste appeal and creativity/uniqueness.

One hundred sweepstakes winners will be randomly chosen and shipped a Cookie Kit, which includes three dry ingredients, one recipe card, one branded Reynolds Kitchens oven mitt, and one custom Reynolds Kitchen box, but the top contestant will win $5,000, and their recipe will be shared via Facebook as a part of the Reynolds Kitchens Cookie Countdown series and on ReynoldsKitchens.com, to be announced on or around December 12th.

Hold your whisks and rolling pins, though, because winning the title of Cookie Connoisseur isn’t just a one-time gig. If chosen, be prepared to create four more original recipes that’ll be added to Reynolds Kitchens’ social media accounts and websites! No worries, though – Reynolds Kitchens will supply you with plenty of parchment paper to do so. Can you say dream job?

Now, get out there and start baking!

Taylor Huang

Syracuse '23

Hi, I'm Taylor and I'm a sophomore at Syracuse University studying Magazine Journalism and Information Management & Technology. I am passionate about food, health & wellness, travel, and college life and hope to share that through writing!
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