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What Your Chart Ruler Means, According To An Astrologer

Believe it or not, the way you approach life may just be written in the stars. In Signs Of The Times, Her Campus lets you know exactly what’s going on—cosmically, obvi. From zodiac signs to horoscopes to house placements, we’re here to give you your astrology fix. Today, astrologer Taryn Leigh Bond explains what a chart ruler is, how to find it, and what it can say about you.

Last time in Signs Of The Times, we uncovered the truth about your rising sign—AKA, your ascendant. Your rising sign is the impression you may leave on others, or how you may come across to another person. However, like your sun sign, your rising sign correlates with a specific planet that influences behaviors, attitudes, and energies. This planet, the one that rules your rising sign, is your chart ruler—and it can explain a lot about the way you approach life.

Her Campus talked to one of our cosmic besties, Astrologer Taryn Leigh Bond, to learn more about what your chart ruler means in astrology, how to find it, and what it can say about you.


Astrology is confusing. There are so many planets, transits, and houses, and it can be hard to really understand WTF is going on cosmically. However, Bond is here to break it down for us, and let us know exactly what the deal is with chart rulers.

“Your chart ruler is exactly that – the planet who is first deferred to when you’re deciding how to interact with the world and move through life,” Bond says. “It is the planet that rules the sign on your ascendant (AKA your rising sign).”

Your chart ruler can provide an explanation of how you approach things and scenarios in your life: particularly, your attitudes toward certain things.

“This planet will significantly influence your personality (and is also considered to influence health and physical appearance),” Bond explains. “I like to think of it as though your Ascendant (rising) is the vehicle that you drive through life, while the chart ruler is the fuel that the vehicle runs on!”


In order to find your chart ruler, it’s first important to identify your rising sign. Your rising sign is calculated by identifying your exact time, and place, of birth. There are many tools online that can be used to find your rising sign, but we recommend using a reliable site like CafeAstrology. Remember: your information has to be exact in order to avoid errors!

After finding your rising sign, you can then see which planet it correlates to. This planet is your chart ruler!

  1. Aries Rising: Mars
  2. Taurus Rising: Venus
  3. Gemini Rising: Mercury
  4. Cancer Rising: the Moon
  5. Leo Rising: the Sun
  6. Virgo Rising: Mercury
  7. Libra Rising: Venus
  8. Scorpio Rising: Mars (and Pluto)
  9. Sagittarius Rising: Jupiter
  10. Capricorn Rising: Saturn
  11. Aquarius Rising: Saturn (and Uranus)
  12. Pisces Rising: Jupiter (and Neptune)

“For those with two chart rulers (Scorpio, Aquarius, and Pisces risings), I recommend that you look to your traditional ruler first,” Bond tells Her Campus. “The second ruler is also important to make note of, but may present more subjectively, influencing your internal experience, than having as “obvious” of an impact on say, your lifestyle, and behaviors.”


Like zodiac signs, the planets come along with a particular set of defining traits and behaviors. Once you’ve calculated your rising sign and found the planet it belongs to, then you’ll be able to learn more about what your chart ruler actually means in regards to your personality.


Mars is a planet that’s synonymous with courage, energy, and individuality. Aries and Scorpio risings may relate to this planet’s assertiveness and passion—especially when it comes to their goals.


Harmonious and romantic, Venus is a planet that is tied to all things beauty, love, and fairness. As a Libra or Taurus rising, you may approach life in a way that is balanced and stable—or, at least, craving a life with those qualities.


Gemini and Virgo risings are known for their communicative personalities. It makes sense as Mercury, the planet of communication, is their chart ruler! This placement may cause you to approach life with a “go, go, go” mentality—you’re bubbly, talkative, and have a whole ‘lotta energy to exert.


The Moon is a planet that’s often associated with reflection, sensitivity, and emotions. Cancer risings are ruled by the moon, which makes them appear to be very nurturing, but highly sensitive. While emotional, they may feel a need to hide this side of themselves from others. With the Moon as your chart ruler, you may approach life in a way that is passive, kind, and empathetic.


What sign would be ruled by the Sun if not the energetic Leo? Leo risings are known to come across as brave, charismatic, and possess qualities of a natural leader. This placement likes the spotlight, even if they don’t like to admit it all of the time. The Sun as a chart ruler is an indication that attention has the ability to follow you, and you may find yourself in the limelight more often than other placements.


As the secondary chart ruler of Scorpio risings (hello, my fellow Scorpio risings), Pluto is the planet that gives them their dark and mysterious allure. Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth—so as a chart ruler, Pluto can cause Scorpio risings to go through continual stages of change. whether that’s aesthetically or externally, this chart ruler can cause Scorpio risings to feel a sense of transformation.


If you’re a Sagittarius rising, consider yourself lucky…seriously! Jupiter is the planet of luck and abundance, and since it rules Sagittarius risings, you may approach life in an optimistic way. You go through life in a way that’s optimistic, bright, confident, and full of life.


Saturn is the planet of structure and order, so it only fits that the grounded and realistic Capricorn rising is solely ruled by this planet. With this chart ruler, you approach life with a systematic way of thinking. The Saturn chart ruler may cause you to crave routine and structure in your everyday life.


Aquarius risings are secondly ruled by Uranus—the planet of independent thought. So, it makes sense that this placement goes through life in a way that is free-thinking, fluid, and philosophical. You may come across as innovative, intellectual, and even rebellious at times.


Finally, Neptune is a planet that is synonymous with dreams and creativity. Pisces risings are ruled by both Neptune and Jupiter, which can explain their optimism and dreamy nature. With the chart ruler Neptune, Pisces risings are natural empaths and wear their heart, and emotions, on their sleeve for all to see.

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