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Can I Please Just Whine For a Minute?: Singing Roommates, #notimpressed and more!

Collegiette: Hey Mom/BFF/Dad/Sister, got a second?
Mom/BFF/Dad/Sister: Yeah, a minute. What’s up?
Collegiette: Can I please just whine for a minute about – –
Mom/BFF/Dad/Sister: No, talk to you later. Bye.

Sound familiar? We all have our #collegietteproblems that we need to vent about, but sometimes those on the other end get sick of hearing us complain about that girl in the salad line who is still debating arugula vs. romaine when she’s first in line of 50 or that guy in our Econ class who asks questions when class is over. Hello — I have places to be!

Luckily, you can give your loved ones a break and now complain to Her Campus. Let us know what’s irking you every week by dropping us an anonymous whine — just submit via the form at the end of the article. Trust us, you’ll feel better.

Encounter a whine-worthy situation on the run? Tweet it in to us @HerCampus with hashtag #collegietteproblems and we might feature your whine on HerCampus.com! For now, enjoy this week’s whines — we’re sure you’ll find a few you can relate to!

Hey roomie, your voice is beautiful. Really, it is. But I didn’t play this song at max volume to see if you could sing louder than my speakers. I know that you can. I hear you singing in the shower from all the way down the hall. This is not a stage, this is my dorm room so can you please shut up for the three minutes and 45 seconds in this song? Thanks.
— New York University

My stupid IBS. I have a terrible stomach ache every day and it gets worse anytime I try to eat anything. I’ve been to so many doctors and no one has found a good form of treatment for me. I’ve accepted the fact that this is something I’ll just have to live with, but it really really sucks!
— University of Michigan

My new shoes are completely adorable. The terrible blisters they gave me? Not so much! I’ll be limping for the next few days.
— New York University

My roommate’s alarm ringtone on her phone. Don’t get me wrong, I love my roomie, but when I have to wake up at 5 in the a.m. to the same Taylor Swift song every morning… I start to seriously reconsider my love for her (and T-Swift).
— University of New Hampshire

I guess I’m directing this comment more to myself but if I could go back in time, I would tell myself not to sign up for that dang credit card. The monthly bills in the mail are stressing me out and it pisses me off that the companies don’t care that students are already in debt enough with student loans. I would like to know how the CEO’s of those companies sleep at night. I guess they must sleep on a nice Sealy or one of those fancy beds with the money they’re making. It must be an awful life making other people miserable and feel hopeless. Why aren’t there payment plans or financial help for students that we don’t have to pay back?
— University of Oregon

Is it wrong to want to post McKayla Maroney’s #notimpressed face to every picture of a lovey-dovey relationship on Facebook. Yes. We get it. I’m still not impressed.
— Emerson College

Those guys that have some sixth sense. You know, that sixth sense that tells them you are finally over them and moving on to hotter and better guys. And then they will NOT stop texting you, calling you, tweeting you, or asking you to hang out. It is inevitable. Every time I find a new guy to just completely obsess over, the last guy I talked to (and of course, the one that ended things with me) just runs back to me and expects me to just drop anything and everything I’m doing to hang out with them. How can we make them stop? Ugghhhhhh! Just go away!
— Purdue University

So I’d love to know why all these girls have to get cute to go to like a seminar. Its 9 in the morning and you’re wearing a mini dress WHO DOES THAT? Meanwhile I’m in yoga pants, a t-shirt, no makeup, and mad as hell because I’m up early… why just why!
— Virginia State University

I’m going into my freshman year of college and I am the only one of my friends that is living off campus and living at home! It’s so frustrating seeing all my friends move in and start their classes with all their freedom knowing I’m still going to have a curfew. It’s so frustrating! Also, I don’t know how to drive so I have to be reminded everyday that I should’ve learned and that maybe I’d have more independence if I did and not have to be driven around by my parents all the time to go anywhere!
— Savannah College of Art and Design

Since when is it okay that Taylor Swift is dating a Kennedy? She’s stealing my boy!
— New York University

I HATE HATE HATE it when people will dish stuff out but can’t take it when it comes back to them.
— University of Wisconsin

THE WEATHER. Oh my god. People at other schools complain about not wanting to go out when it’s too cold, but have they ever walked outside their building and had their glasses fog up because it’s so hot and humid outside? Seriously, I can’t even just stand there for a second without getting sweaty and gross, let alone walk across campus to class/work/my internship without looking like a damp, frizzy mess. And then there are the daily rainstorms! If you say you want to come to school in Miami (or anywhere in Florida) because of the weather, you definitely need to check yourself.
— University of Miami

My roommate keeps complaining about the cleanliness of our apartment, but can’t even keep her own room clean! It’s hard to take her requests about the dishwasher seriously if she can’t keep her own space tidy.
— Marquette University

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