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Can I Please Just Whine For a Minute?: Construction noises, Couples making out and more!

Collegiette: Hey Mom/BFF/Dad/Sister, got a second?
Mom/BFF/Dad/Sister: Yeah, a minute. What’s up?
Collegiette: Can I please just whine for a minute about – –
Mom/BFF/Dad/Sister: No, talk to you later. Bye.

Sound familiar? We all have our #collegietteproblems that we need to vent about, but sometimes those on the other end get sick of hearing us complain about that girl in the salad line who is still debating arugula vs. romaine when she’s first in line of 50 or that guy in our Econ class who asks questions when class is over. Hello — I have places to be!

Luckily, you can give your loved ones a break and now complain to Her Campus. Let us know what’s irking you every week by dropping us an anonymous whine — just submit via the form at the end of the article or tweet them in to @HerCampus using the hashtag #collegietteproblems. Trust us, you’ll feel better.

My roommates NEVER want to go out. They’d rather sit on the couch eating cookies and watching movies EVERY night. Hello, this is college. We’re supposed to be living it up!
– Fordham University

The bathrooms in my hall are disgusting but it’s not as bad as the ones in the basement. I feel so bad for the people who live below the first floor and in that dungeon. There’s a smell of vomit (and other assorted horrid smells) that reach out to you as you’re walking on the stairs. And where does it come from? The basement of course. The smell is horrible so F and M do something about the smell that comes from the basement and also the basement bathrooms. So gross.
– Franklin and Marshall College

When you see that guy that you “hung out” with over the weekend and he completely ignores your existence but has the sense to text you that same night to go to dinner. . .men!!!
– Sam Houston State University

My roommate’s alarm! She sets two clocks for the seven o’clock, one beeps and one just blasts this obnoxious noise which reminds me of a fire drill. And it takes her a good three minutes to wake up and turn them off! It wouldn’t be so bad if I had an 8 am, but I don’t have class until 10 am. So can’t you use an alarm which you’ll wake up to without waking me up?
– Longwood University

Dear Couple Making Out in Front of the Door to my Dorm,
I know that the planets have aligned with how beautiful your love is, and you just want the world to know how good you are at playing tonsil-hockey, but its been a long day, and all I want is to go to bed. I don’t need visions of you two sucking face to haunt my dreams… Also, that dirty look you shot me when I said “excuse me” so that I could get inside was completely uncalled for. Why don’t you do like every other couple on campus and chose some dark corner to make out in?
Disgruntled Student
– Boston University

I hate that I had to take a semester off from school to have back surgery. It is just super frustrating that I have to put my life on hold and miss out on opportunities yet again. Not to mention it’s really hard to make a back brace look cute.
– Texas State University

To the girls in my dorm: I don’t care how bad your hair looks, that baseball cap is making it worse. And would it kill you to wear some real pants instead of workout shorts every single day?
– University of Kansas

Seriously, lacrosse team upstairs? It’s the middle of the week, in the middle of the night. Why do you find now an appropriate time to play “drop the thing,” “bounce the thing,” and “rearrange the thing”?? Why does it sound like you’re dragging bodies and sandbags around? Who told you it was appropriate to throw parties on Mondays? It literally sounds like an endless jumping contest up there. You’re a good time and you’re cute as hell, but honestly…shut up.
– Wheaton College

Please, for the love of all that is holy, stop posting passive-aggressive tweets. I thought we left middle school drama behind… in middle school. Either talk about it in person, or let it go. Life is too short, and I know for a fact you will be embarrassed in two weeks when you read through your Twitter feed.
– St. Norbert College

What is up with girls wearing shorts and skirts so short you can see their freaking crotch? Seriously, learn how to not dress like a slut.. I just don’t get it. Outfits like that are why guys think girls are easy. Have some class.
– Ball State University

(sigh) Why are the lines for coffee SO LONG? Also, I hate the elevators in the StewartBio building.
– McGill University

My apartment-mate sets her alarm for obscure hours of the evening, then leaves the apartment and locks her bedroom door so no one can turn the alarm off and then it beeps at everyone else for at least two hours before she gets home.
– Memorial University of Newfoundland

Why must my room become bug central? Seriously, when there’s a huge bug right by your closet that you wake up to and are forced to squish with a rain boot, it’s not going to be a good day. Plus it’s like the third bug this year and I’ve only been here for 2 week! I hate bugs and no one will get rid of it for me. Like seriously guys, man up and get rid of the thing for me. I’m supposed to be the wimp here, not you all.
– Franklin and Marshall College

I hate that when you break up with a guy in a frat, all the brothers break up with you too. Ever since my boyfriend and I broke up over the summer and I’ve gotten back to campus, most of the brothers in his frat that I once considered to be my good friends have been ignoring me when I run into them and treating me like dirt when I try to strike up a conversation with them. The most frustrating part is that I did nothing wrong and my ex was the one who cheated on me, so they have no reason to act this way toward me!
– University of Michigan

If you want to ask questions in class, that’s fine, just raise your hand. But making random stupid comments in a 300-person lecture WITHOUT raising your hand – obnoxious.
– University of Pittsburgh

There is construction outside my window from 7AM to 4PM everyday outside my window. Not only is it unbearable to be in my room, but when I go to the library to get away from it, I hear the construction the school is doing outside the library. I get that the school wants to build state of the art facilities, but doesn’t the school also want me to do well and sleep in once in awhile? Guess not.
– George Washington University

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