How Hobbies Impact Personal Development, & 20 New Ones You Can Start Today

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Ever since I was a kid, I've had a bunch of hobbies I enjoy diving into: reading, journaling, playing piano, crafting, nail art, and now blogging. As I've aged, I've discovered the importance of keeping these hobbies in my life. I've also discovered that it’s rare for someone my age to have so many activities I enjoy that don’t involve electronics.

Many people spend their free time at the gym (which is great, but let’s be honest, it’s more of a chore than a hobby for most people), going out with friends (which is also great!), or at home binging something on Netflix. Very little time alone and engaged in an activity that fuels their passion.

Hobbies aren’t just the things we force lkids to do to keep them out of trouble or distracted. Their value actually increases as we get older and become part of our identity. 

They make it easier to unplug. 

Most hobbies don’t require a computer or phone, which means you can stay off your iPhone. Just think about the zillion things you could be doing with the time you spend on social media or watching TV. You could be improving a skill that will help you mentally or physically. And if you’re too tired to learn, there are plenty of hobbies that don’t require much thought and relax the mind, like yoga or knitting.

You're in charge. 

Between college, careers, money, and people that rely on us, sometimes it can feel as if we have no control in our lives. Hobbies can help you maintain a sense of control, freedom, and independence. You decide what hobbies you take part in, how you do them, and when you do them.

Also, it’s great to do team or couple hobbies, like chess or participating in marathons. But remember the value of keeping a solo hobby too, where you can maintain full control.

They provide fulfillment. 

For me, there’s nothing like reaching a new milestone or learning a song on the piano. There’s a feeling of fulfillment that comes with new accomplishments, which is wonderful for your overall mental health. It boosts your mood, lifts your self-esteem, and maintains a feeling of optimism. This is especially great when you’re going through a rough time. Your hobbies will be the constants that bring you joy!

They keep your brain sharp. 

Aside from being good for your mental and/or physical health, hobbies are fantastic for keeping your motor skills and brain function in tip-top shape! You may not realize it, but these activities are exercising your brain, which is just as important as exercising the rest of your body.

What’s even better are the hobbies that you can take part in for the rest of your life! You may not be able to play basketball when you’re 80, but you will definitely still be able to play an instrument or read.

Some hobbies to try today: 

Take a look and see if any of these speak to you.

  • Art/bullet journaling
  • Meditation & yoga
  • Growing your own fruit/vegetable garden
  • Jewelry making
  • Crossfit
  • Wine & paint nights
  • Photography

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