BUY IT NOW OR CRY LATER: Your Ultimate New Year Refresh

Welcome back to Buy It Now, Or Cry Later, our monthly roundup of fun items our editors are loving right now! From sprucing up your skin routine to staying cozy while working from home, we’re here to help you ring in the new year feeling refreshed and inspired. Here’s the ultimate list of items our editors are loving this month:

  1. 1. Comfy Sweatshirt

    If you’re already sick of the sweats wardrobe you’ve been living in for the past 10 months, but have zero motivation to buy “real” clothes (since, let’s face it, you have no plans anytime soon), I present to you this sweatshirt that is as cheeky as it is cozy. Because I have no interest in wearing anything that would not fall into the comfort zone this entire winter. -Stephanie, Editor-in-Chief

    Sub_Urban Riot, $49; shop now

  2. 2. Crystal Phone Charger

    When you’re looking at the same tiny workspace all day every day, it’s hard not to want to perfect and beautify every aspect of it. There’s no reason your phone charger can’t be part of your decor upgrade, too. This crystal-inspired charger allows you to just place your phone on it in order to charge, and it’s more than deserving of its real estate on your desk and in your deskscape IG. -Stephanie, Editor-in-Chief

    Saks Off 5th, $29.99; shop now

  3. 3. Volumizing Hair Primer

    If you have hair that randomly decides to lay flat without warning, this volumizing primer spray is for you. It’s lightweight and gives you dreamy volume without stickiness or buildup, plus it’s infused with Alpha Keratin 60ku® protein to strengthen and protect your hair. As someone who’s picky about hair products, this is by far the best hairspray I’ve owned, and I get compliments every single time. -Tianna, Associate Editor

    Virtue Labs, $36; shop now

  4. 4. Charging Coffee Mug

    Every morning, like clockwork, my coffee gets cold before I’ve even taken a sip. This charging coffee mug has been a complete game-changer for my WFH set up. Now my coffee, tea, or hot chocolate is at the perfect temperature for as long as it takes me to drink it. -Madeleine, Manager, Branded Content

    Bed Bath and Beyond, $99.99; shop now

  5. 5. Drying Lotion

    My roommate introduced me to this product recently when I had a mega zit forming right underneath my bottom lip. It only took a day for it to become massive, and it was itchy and painful all at once. I threw a Mighty Patch on it – which I usually swear by – and it did nothing. I used this drying lotion the next night and the zit shrunk to half its size overnight, irritation gone by morning. -Sammi, Lifestyle Editor

    Ulta, $17; shop now

  6. 6. Chic Notebook

    It took me a while to hop on the Muji train with everyone else, mostly because I thought it didn’t really matter what I took notes in for class as long as my notes were neat. I was so wrong. Having a sleek, high-quality notebook like this one will make you feel so much on top of your game when you’re slogging through Zoom University, and Muji offers so many different sizes that there’s bound to be one that fits perfectly in your bag of choice. -Erica, Contributing Editor 

    Muji, $4.90; shop now

  7. 7. Tabletop Cooker

    This tiny, tabletop induction cooker is a lifesaver for those early morning rushes in shoebox-sized apartments. You cook (or reheat) your food right in the bowl, which miraculously (or ~scientifically~) stays cool to the touch. When it’s ready, you can just pick it up, enjoy your meal, and toss that sucker into the dishwasher! Mealtime has literally never been easier, and they even offer recipe ideas for single servings on their website. -Sammi, Lifestyle Editor

    Bonbowl, $149; shop now

  8. 8. CBD Body Moisturizer 

    Another must-have on my desk right now is this lotion. With all the extra handwashing, my hands were getting so dry, and this product brought them back to life! I love the lavender oil moisturizer, as it helps me feel calm and focused all day long. -Madeleine, Manager, Branded Content

    Hempz, $28; shop now

  9. 9. Natural Deodorant

    I’ve been on my natural deodorant journey for a few months now, and I feel as though I found what works best for me. Primally Pure is a natural brand that you can feel good about using. I personally love the unscented deodorant because it keeps me dry, smooth, stink-free all day long. 10/10 would recommend. -Maddie, Social Media Manager

    Primally Pure, $20; shop now

  10. 10. Rose Deep Hydration Serum

    This oil-infused rose serum is a straight up lifesaver. I have super dry skin in the winter, and the silky formula makes my face feel dewy and refreshed within seconds. The blend of oil and water honestly feels luxurious and the hydration lasts all day, so I don’t have to use a million drops of serum to get the desired effect. If your skin desperately needs hydration, this serum 100% does the trick. -Tianna, Associate Editor

    Fresh, $59; shop now

  11. 11. Moisturizing Hand Cream

    Cold weather and frequent handwashing have left me with tragically dry hands, and I’ve been searching all over for a product that saves my skin from becoming flaky and irritated. So far, this Hand Relief lotion is the best I’ve found — emphasis on the relief (seriously, my hands are so grateful). A little goes a long way with this; I’ve only had to reapply about once a day, and it smells just enough like a spa without being too overbearing. -Erica, Contributing Editor 

    Aveda, $25; shop now

These essentials are keeping us comfy, confident, and classy this new year. Let us know which products you're loving this month, and stay tuned for our next roundup coming soon!