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From the library to the local Starbucks, our laptops follow us everywhere! They’ve helped us out with those 12-page term papers or saved us by scheduling e-mails to professors using Letter Me Later, a site that lets you arrange an e-mail to be sent at a certain time. Isn’t it time we said thank you? From dazzling desktop backgrounds to beautiful tote bags, HC has you covered with everything you need to know on how to make sure your laptop stands out at school. And who knows – your stylin’ computer just may pique the interest of that cutie sitting next to you in the library. Read on!

Appearance Counts: Covers
You may be hidden behind your screen tip-tapping away, so investing in a laptop cover is a great way for you to stand out without even introducing yourself to someone (just yet, anyway!). Want to really stand out? Show your school pride with a collegiette™cover like this one from Hofstra or Brown from skinit.com. These covers begin at $29.99.

You could also show off a masterpiece by purchasing a cover that features a memorable work of art. Schtickers.com has this great Starry Nightcover for $19.99 that will shine day or night. Other patterns to consider: animal print, stars, grass, or flower petals.
Want something even more creative? Why not D.I.Y by heading to a local crafts store and snatching some removable stickers to decorate the outside instead? Choose your first name initial, a star, or crown and for an easily personalized touch.
Be tech-savvy in style with a great laptop bag. You may want to stand out, but ensure that you’re considering the following factors:

  • Comfort/Support Level: Is it sturdy enough to hold everything without breaking your back? Is it strong enough to house your computer and accessories? Between classes and trips to the library, you’ll need a bag that can withstand being tossed on the ground.
  • Pattern: Is the pattern too flashy/bright that it will spark attention… in a bad way? You don’t need to match your laptop bag to your ensemble, but this should definitely be a factor in your decision since you’ll be carrying it almost every day.
  • Price: It may be cute, but make sure you’re opting for functionality, not brand names, in order to appease your wallet.
  • Size: Make sure that your bag is large enough to shelter your entire laptop. You don’t want any part of your device sticking out; this isn’t safe for the laptop and could also attract students who could be interested in stealing your item.

 Take this into consideration and then decide between a messenger bag (like this fun red and orange bag) or simple sleeve case (like this leopard print sleeve) for your laptop to nestle in.
Neat ‘n’ Tidy: Cleaners
If you’re one to leave your laptop open, the chance of your laptop getting filthy only increases. Company 3M has some great products to keep it in tip-top shape like Dust Removers and Screen Wipes. The dust remover works wonders; attach the thin straw and hold the trigger 2” away from your keyboard to rid of pesky lint or dust. The wipes are great for dust accumulation on your screen as they are much gentler. A pack of four wipes are available at Office Depot for $6.29 and the dust remover can be purchased for $18.59 on amazon.com.
Right Click, Left Click: Wireless Mouses
Whether you have a Mac or a PC, a wireless mouse isalwayshelpful. Being able to grasp your entire hand around it helps you navigate your browser so much more easily. You simply plug one extra cord to your USB and you’re all set! For these I highly suggest any product by Logitech, like this reliable one that I have been using since freshman year.
Home Sweet Home: Desktop Backgrounds
Your desktop background is an important accessory, too. When you return to your home screen, you want to be greeted with something that inspires you or makes you smile. Here are some cute ideas:

  • Artsy Photos: Spend some time researching phrases like “sunsets” or “lighthouses” for a postcard-worthy home screen. You may just come across a gem like this gorgeous scene from Flickr account colinhill.
  • Cute Animals: Kittens! Inspired by…kittens! Baby animals are bound to put a smile on your face.
  • Inspiring People:Philanthropists, actresses, fashionistas, musicians… Pay homage to your favorite people by making your own virtual collage. Feel free to include the hotties from The Vampire Diaries in that mix (swoon).

Which laptop accessories do you own or use? Which ones would you love to have and which ones can you do without?  What is on your desktop background right now? Start the conversation in the comments section below!

Gennifer is the Branded Content Specialist for Her Campus Media. In her role, she manages all sponsored content across platforms including editorial, social, and newsletters. As one of HC's first-ever writers, she previously wrote about career, college life, and more as a national writer during her time at Hofstra University. She also helped launch the How She Got There section, where she interviewed inspiring women in various industries. She lives in New York City.
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