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Behind the Feed: Kayla Moran, a Real Life Elle Woods

Meet Kayla Moran, a more realistic version of Elle Woods that still has the best taste in fashion, beauty and travel! She shares everything from her self-care routine to a week in her life as a busy law student on her blog. Currently residing in Knoxville, Tennessee for law school, Kayla has accumulated over 4,000 Instagram followers by creating unique law school and lifestyle content. What's it take to create and maintain your own niche blog while preparing for a lifetime in law? [bf_image id="gcxvqxnqr4w9m6n4h4rcbf"]

Her Campus: Tell us about your site/platform and why you launched it.

Kayla Moran: I launched Kayla Moran Blog to dive deeper into and share what I'm loving, and document my law school experience and connect with others.

HC: What do you hope your followers get out of following you?

KM: A true depiction of my life, law school experience, dating, travels, fashion and beauty faves, and just behind the scenes of what a day in my shoes is like.

What does your week currently entail? 

KM: Some days are school-focused, others are work-focused. I usually do a little content creation or engagement every day, and I'm always showing what I'm up to on Instagram stories!

HC: What is the best and worst part about being an influencer?

KM: The best is connecting with others with similar interests, and the worst is the negativity – and when people IRL don't get why I love it, and make me feel weird about it.

HC: What advice would you give to a college woman with similar aspirations?

DO IT, do what you love for yourself and don't be afraid to ask for help. When it's meant to, the right people, things, etc. will fall into place.

HC: Is running your platforms your full time job or a side hustle? Why did you make that decision?

KM: Side hustle! I'm a full-time law student and part-time law clerk, and my goal would be to work in real estate law or be legal counsel for a fashion or beauty or lifestyle company.

HC: Which people have had the most influence on you, and why?

KM: Fellow creators from the UK, Miami, NYC, Chicago and LA/San Diego; quote and positivity accounts; Spanish accounts; musicians and more! [Just to name a few specifics,] Olivia Rink, Olivia Caputo, Alexa Abril, Olivia Rodriguez, Pia Shah, Marianna Hewitt, Alex Elle, Cultura Positiva, Marcella Marie and more!

HC: How has being an influencer affected your friendships and relationships?

KM: It's shown me who my true friends who love and support me no matter what are, and removed the people from my life who wanted to stick me in a box or limit my potential

HC: What’s been the most surreal thing that’s happened to you as an influencer?

KM: Getting a 12 bottle box of wine from FitVine wine! WILD, was so not expecting it, but I love it.

HC: What are your three favorite tools for content creation? 

KM: VSCO, Instagram and Pinterest.

HC: What does the future of influencing look like for you? What's next for you personally?

KM: Doing me, and continuing to share what I love and creating the content that my friends and followers want from me.


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