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20 Back-To-School Instagram Captions To Use This Fall

Now that Bama Rush Tok has come to a close, it’s time to start thinking about going back to school in just a few weeks (is Back To School Tok a thing?). That means packing nearly everything you own into a suitcase or two, reuniting with friends after a long summer break apart, and getting lost on your way to calculus class — oh, and snagging a venti iced coffee for your weekly study sesh at the library, of course.  

Going back to school or even starting college as a freshman can be an exciting (and let’s be real, stressful) time — but it’s also a time to learn, try new things, and of course, take pictures (you knew where that was going, didn’t you?)! The beginning of the school year is filled with plenty of photo-ops, whether you’re a student athlete or a member of Greek life. 

Here are 20 fun and unique back-to-school Instagram captions to kick off the new school year.

We’re back!

Exclamation points are optional but highly encouraged.

Sometimes you gotta work a little, so you can ball a lot 😎

For any Parks and Recreation lovers out there.

Back where we belong 💌

For that back-to-school photo with your besties.

Game day, best day 🏈

Anyone else excited for football season?

The “Adding an extra shot of espresso to my morning coffee” time of year!

Or maybe two.

Cheers to the new (school) year! ✨

Better than NYE, TBH.

Getting real sylly this week 🤪

Yay for syllabus week!

Yes (relative of choice), I promise I’m Studying!

But we all need a good study break every once in a while, too!

Happy FDOC!

For those of us who love a good abbreviation.

Do I really have to graduate, or can I just stay here for the rest of my life?

Hey Alexa, play I Love College by Asher Roth.

Can we still wear loungewear to class (asking for a friend)?

My answer to this is always yes.

The _________ lives of college girls

Waiting for Mindy Kaling to write the script for my life.

Back at it 💗

Similar to #2, but different.

How mandatory is attendance?

My bed is looking a little too comfy right now…

@(College/UNIVERSITY Name), did you miss me?

Only one right answer to this question!



If Harry Styles comes on, I’m not responsible for my actions!

Shoutout to res life!

This time, the odds were in our favor.

My favorite year long sleepover!

For those lucky enough to live with their besties.

Wouldn’t want to share a shoebox with anyone else 💖

Roomie love hits different.

And they were roommates!

Oh my God, they were roommates! (Vine, I miss you.)

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