3 Ways to Boost Your Focus During the Countdown to Finals

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Every time finals week rolls around, it’s the same familiar scene: you pulling an all-nighter, pizza boxes covering the floor and your roommate annoyingly reminding you to start studying earlier next time. Even though procrastination feels like a staple part of college, that pre-finals cram is definitely not good for you or your grades. Don’t wait till the last minute to crank out your study hustle this semester––instead, start prepping for finals way in advance.

Sound like a hassle? Don’t worry, our friends at Red Bull are here to make sure that having a productive study routine is totally attainable (and actually fun throughout this tough time). By improving a few aspects of your routine, you’ll feel more relaxed and confident when that week of exams and essays rolls around. Read on for ways to boost your focus and ensure you feel prepped for the big week!

1. Prioritize topics that feel the most intimidating.

Come every exam, there’s always a few lecture notes or confusing textbook chapters that you’re blanking on. Instead of reviewing what you feel comfortable with, hit up the concepts you don’t know at all. Motivate yourself by laying them out in a study guide or flashcards, then run through your notes until all the material is familiar. When crunch time hits and you need to prepare NOW, this is a great method for getting all the class topics on an even level, and then simply refreshing on more comfortable topics as the clock ticks down to exam time.

2. It’s all about the balance.

There’s no point in keeping up a monotonous study routine that will only run you dry, so make sure to schedule time for your mind and body, as well as times for focus to power through finals.

When that next review flashcard looks bleak, put down the pencil to do something social or creative instead. Get up and take a walk around your dorm, chat with neighbors and friends, then come back to your desk with a clear and alert mind. When you can’t handle putting in another hour at the library, spend time doodling in a coloring book or listening to your favorite playlist. When you need to stay on top of your game, grab your fave study buddy, crack a Red Bull, then get to killing that study guide together!

Stay on top of your studies by giving time to your body and mind––and if you’re out of ideas for ways to relax, check out this playlist for some major inspo.

3. Explain concepts to a study buddy

Take your academics seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously in the process. When crunch time hits, grab your roommate, friend, or even call your mom, then use them to run through your study guide from class. It may feel silly, but explaining concepts from your class out loud to others is actually a super helpful study method! Pretend your friend has never heard about this concept before; teach it to them as if they were the student hearing this idea for the first time. This puts you in the position of your professor––having to explain the key concepts, theories and more to give your “student” a complete understanding of that topic. Explaining complicated class material to friends in this way guarantees that you’ll be able to do the same just as well during a final.

These few small adjustments to the way you study will hone your focus and cut down your stress come finals week. The key is to actually commit to these practices instead of falling back into your old procrastination cycle––but when in doubt, there is always Red Bull to help push you through. Your complimentary Red Bull is only a few clicks away to help get you started. Let us know what else helps you power through finals!