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The 9 Best Ways to Organize Your Dorm This Year

Let’s face it: being organized in college can make your life way less stressful. When your clothes are in order, your makeup is put away and your necklaces aren’t tangled, it seems much easier to tackle whatever life chooses to throw at you that day. Check out our favorite products for organizing your dorm room!

1. Over-the-Door Jewelry Organizer Mirror

Never lose track of your jewelry again! This functional and cute organizer from PBteen ($119) has space for tons of earrings, necklaces and bracelets, so you can display your gems even if you’re not wearing them. The mirror is great, too, because you can see how your jewelry looks with your outfit. 

2. Closet Complete Magic Cascading Hangers

Max out the space in your dorm-room closet with these hangers, which each collapse five hangers to the size of one! This set ($10 on Amazon) holds 50 garments, and you would still have way more space in your closet for more clothes.

3. 24-Pocket Over-Door Shoe Organizer

Hang this mega-functional shoe organizer from The Container Store ($23.99) over the inside of your closet door to minimize clutter and maximize the amount of shoes you can bring to school (trust us – this is important).

4. Ultimate Beauty Organizers

When you wake up late in the morning for lecture, you need to have all of your beauty essentials at the ready. This PBteen beauty organizer ($59-89) will keep everything you need to properly beautify yourself in its proper place. 

5. Real Simple Triple Laundry Sorter

Keep your whites, darks and colors separate with this great laundry sorter from Bed Bath & Beyond ($49.99). Your colors will never bleed together in the dorm washing machines – you can even take out each bag individually!

6. Mesh Shower Caddy

The pockets in this cute shower caddy from VS PINK ($14.95) will keep all of your shower essentials organized! From razors to soap, you’ll have everything you need to make the dorm showers feel like home.

7. Quirky Cordies Desktop Cable Management

Stop searching under your desk for your phone charger or laptop charger cords – have them all at the ready on your desk with this cord organizer from Quirky Cordies ($11 on Amazon). You’ll save lots of time (and frustration!).

8. Woven Desk Organizer and Letter Holder

This desk organizer ($20) and letter holder ($24), both from Urban Outfitters, will keep your desk essentials – pencils, pens, sticky notes and folders – organized and out of your way. 

9. Three By Three Seattle Weekly Magnetic Wipe-Off Board

Don’t forget to keep your life organized, too! This magnetic dry-erase board from Urban Outfitters ($30) completes any organizational enthusiast’s room. Keep your schedule as clean as your room – no double booking for you!

Life is better when you’re organized, collegiettes. When you’re shopping for your dorm this summer or packing up your loads of cute fall dresses, don’t forget that keeping everything organized will make you happier and make your dorm room look cuter!

Hannah Grace is a junior at Stanford University majoring in English. In her spare time, she loves to horseback ride.