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7 Spotify Playlists for Just About Every Mood

I’m going to let you guys in on a sad secret about my life: I can sometimes be a basic biatch. It can be so easy for me to sit down with my basic vanilla latte, my homework and throw on some Top Pop station on some random music app on my phone. Sometimes, life is so crazy that I get stuck listening to the same 10 songs on repeat rather than trying to find new music. But then I realized what my life was missing: a killer backtrack of sick tunes. I’m here today to save you from that awkward transition phase of deciding what grooves match the situations in your life. Here are seven playlists to add to the soundtrack of your life.

1. For When You Need Some Early Morning Energy: “Good Vibes”

Whether you’re walking to campus, driving to work or on that early morning ride with public transportation, sometimes you just need something that will bring a smile to your face. These chill yet upbeat songs will set the tune to the rest of your day. This playlist is great because it’s filled with songs you may have never heard before, but from the artists you know and love. These artists are known for their deep beats (RL Grimes, Gryffin, Louis The Child) but with these songs you’ll get a bit less of the Friday night party vibes, and more of the “I’m walking on sunshine” feel.  

2. For When You Spend All Day Cleaning: “All Out 00s”

Maybe it’s just me, but I LOVE jamming out while cleaning. Nothing gets me through mopping the kitchen quite like screaming the lyrics to “No Scrubs” by TLC. This playlist has it all, from the bangers you loved at school dances and to the ballads you cried to after your first crush told you he didn’t want to play volleyball with you at lunch (again, maybe that was just me). Either way, singing along to this playlist will make those less than fun tasks way more enjoyable.

3. For Your Long-Distance Drive: “Surf Rock Sunshine”

Going to school in a beach town, it is a necessity that I have a beach-anthem playlist on hand at all times. However, I’ve come to realize that those same playlists should not be limited to days of playing hookie and running to the ocean. If you don’t live in a beach town you’re in luck- these tunes are the best way to make a boring drive seem a bit more exciting. Beach tunes, like Weezers, “Island In The Sun”, or The Beach Boys, “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”, make for amazing solo car ride sing-a-longs!

4. For Studying: “Piano Hits”

Picture this: It’s midnight on a Tuesday, you have a huge project due and midterms next week. You just got to the library and you plan to be there for a few late hours. The library is silent and everyone is cuddled up in their corners working. A light piano score in the background is just what you need to help you stay focused and awake.

5. For When You Forget How Awesome You Are: “On Fleek”

Take one look at the cover of this playlist, an epic queen-like portrait of Beyoncé, and you’ll know why you need to put your headphone in and listen to this ASAP. After hearing Nicki Minaj tell you that no one is better than you, Dua Lipa telling you to remember your rules, and singing along to some of the pop music scene’s most talented women, you’ll be ready for anything.

6. For When You’re Feeling Heartbroken: “Drifting Apart”

Sometimes you just need a sad tune to cry to. This playlist is the perfect breakup and heartbreak station, filled with classics and sadder ballads by the artists you love. Just remember to listen to “On Fleek” when you’re ready to feel better and get your confidence back!

7. For When It’s A Rainy, Lazy Day: “Rap Cavier”

I don’t know about you guys, but for me one of the best ways to enjoy the rain outside my window or a day full of scented candles and face masks is some casual rap music. Rap Cavier doesn’t have the aggressive rap you play at pre-games, this one has more of the laid back and casual tracks. From some Drake tracks you already know you love to some softer XXXtentacion, this playlist keeps you feeling chill while still sending some slaps your way.

The most amazing part of these playlists is that they are continuously updated by the pros that work at Spotify. They update them with current bops and take away the tracks that are way overplayed. While Spotify has tons of playlists that are kept up with through their offices, a great way to find new music is to search through the playlists made by regular users like us! Just search within to figure out what mood you’re in, type some keywords into the search bar and see what playlists other people around the world use as their life soundtrack.

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