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The 7 Friends Every Collegiette Needs

Whether they’ve been in your life forever or you just met them recently, your group of friends probably has a pretty diverse cast of characters. Alone, they’re there for you whether you need to vent at 3 a.m. or spend the hard-earned paycheck that’s burning a hole in your pocket. Together, they make up the solid support system you’d be lost without. Read on for the 7 friends every collegiette needs. 

1. The Boy Friend That’s Not Your Boyfriend

He’s clued you into the meaning behind your mega-crush’s actions, rearranged your furniture when you discovered feng shui, and given you straightforward advice without debating pros and cons for hours on end. Though you may have had some steamy daydreams with your BGF as the starring hunk, try not to let this friendship go down the When Harry Met Sally road. Having an easy-to-hang-with platonic buddy provides a reprieve from the endless drama of a group of girlfriends. Don’t downplay what his friendship means to you. Even if his cheeks turn bright red and he responds with a playful punch and a bashful “thanks,” let him know how much you appreciate having a great guy friend around. 

2. The Study Buddy

After making awkward eye contact with her for your entire first semester of college, the obligatory small talk in which you discovered your matching majors has since turned into a nice companionship. Since she’s just as obsessive as you are about her schoolwork and won’t deny herself a pint of Ben and Jerry’s to make it through a late night cram session, you’re a scholastic match made in heaven. Plus, with a friend right next to you during a snooze-inducing lecture, time flies by a lot faster. Be careful not to take advantage of your study buddy, though. An occasional “OMG, I overslept! Can I have the notes from Wednesday?” text is alright, but be sure to return the favor when she needs it or else not only will your GPA drop, but so will your number of friends. 

3. The Party Girl

When life has gotten the best of you and you’re looking for a good time/a night you won’t remember/[insert clichéd party phrase here], this is the friend whose number you instinctively dial. She’s always up to go anywhere or do anything, whether you plan it a week in advance or call five minutes beforehand. While her ever-expanding network of friends might prevent you from seeing her often enough to form a closer bond, she’ll definitely keep your weekends exciting and introduce you to tons of new people each time you go out. Don’t completely rely on this friend to plan your social life for you, though. You definitely don’t want to turn into the tag-along friend. That’s one friend no collegiette™ needs (or wants) to have. 

4. The Long-Time Bestie

With a stockpile of your blackmail-worthy middle school photos, this gal’s got you forever indebted to her. She’s seen you through your awkward brace-face phase, squealed in excitement when you got your first kiss, and picked up the pieces when your heart was broken. You could fill a novel with your inside jokes that date back so far you have no idea how they began in the first place. Needless to say, she’s the one who you want by your side through the good and the bad, the funny and the sad, and everything else in between. No matter what you’re doing, even if it’s nothing at all, you and your bestie always find a way to make it memorable. While you both may lead insanely busy lives, try something other than picking up the phone once in a while. Write her a cheesy postcard from your campus bookstore or make her a silly card from scratch. 

5. The Fashionista

She’s one of those girls who comes to an 8 a.m. class looking impeccably put together at an ungodly hour, and you’re lucky enough to benefit from her never-ending fashion wisdom. Now, instead of unmethodically scouring the racks of your favorite stores, you’ve got someone to act as your personal shopper — for free. While it may be nice to have someone treat you as their personal Barbie doll, start asking for actual tips from your fashion-forward friend. “Does this look good on me?” and “What shirt should I pair this with?” are great for a one-time shopping excursion, but if she can give you solid advice about what works with your body or the colors that look good against your skin, you’ll be set for years. 

6. The Unlikely Match

With this friend, the saying “opposites attract” couldn’t ring more true. She’s quiet; you’re never been one to shy away from boisterous conversation. She loves the arts; you couldn’t be more of a jock. She plays it coy while out at the bars; you have no trouble introducing yourself to the hottest guy at the party. Despite the differences in your backgrounds and lifestyles, you get along perfectly. Instead of slowly drifting apart because you have little in common, introduce each other to the things you like. You might develop a new interest or you might be reminded just how much you can’t stand watching a play. Either way, going out with her will make for a good time and an even better laugh. 

7. The Honest One

Unwaveringly straightforward (sometimes brutally so), this friend will always tell it like it is. Those five pounds you gained? She’ll notice and let you know. But on the other hand, that amazing new dress you bought? She’ll recognize and compliment you on your rock-hard tush. Her honesty knows no bounds regardless of whether she’d delivering good or bad news. Even if you appreciate her frankness, though, don’t let her walk all over you with negative comments. If she goes too far with her “advice,” tell her that your feelings are hurt so she knows where to draw the line in the future. 

Sarah Weinberg is a student at San Diego State University, Class of 2012. She is attempting to overcome her aversion to multitasking as she pursues courses in Liberal Studies, Spanish, and Journalism. Sarah has always been interested in the “behind-the-scenes” aspects of the fashion and lifestyle industry with journalism being a prominent prospective path. Now, much of the time that she should spend working on homework and writing papers is instead spent pouring through magazines and lusting over ridiculously priced shoes, impeccably styled pictorials, and the glamorous lifestyles of the cover models. It isn’t unusual to find Sarah baking (anything with a large amount of chocolate), traveling (last stop: summer abroad in Granada, Spain), playing in her closet (never too old to play dress up), or hanging out with friends and family (how cute and cliché). She is currently a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista.com and is thrilled to become a writer for Her Campus.
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