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5 Foolproof Tips for Surviving Finals Week

Finals week in college can feel like the academic version of the Hunger Games. We’re stressed out, exhausted and doing everything we can to stay sane. Surviving finals is all about finding the balance between getting everything done on time and not overworking yourself. Check out these tips for surviving finals week (and staying healthy along the way!).

1. Pick a good study space

In theory, studying in your room in sweats with snacks nearby sounds great, but living with roommates can make it hard to focus. Make sure you pick a study space that is quiet and free of distractions, whether that’s a café or a quiet corner of the library. Know what works for you and what doesn’t.

2. Plan out your studying

Pull out that barely-used planner and make a study schedule, keeping in mind how many exams you have to study for and how much time you’ll need to spend on each one. This way, you can focus on one project at a time, which will prevent you from getting overwhelmed.

3. Take breaks

Studying for hours without a break or two is a recipe for disaster. It’s important to give your mind a rest, even just for 20 or 30 minutes, to keep yourself from getting overworked (and losing your sanity!). Watch an episode of a TV show on Netflix (if you can stop at just one), exercise or talk to a friend—anything to get your mind off studying for a little while.

4. Eat healthy

It can be tempting to turn to junk food when you’re stressed out, but greasy pizza and fast food are only going to make you feel more lethargic. Instead, munch on a protein-rich snack, like a LUNA Protein bar! Not only will they give you the energy you need to power through a library study sesh, but eating the right amount of protein each day is the key to staying fit and lean because protein keeps you full longer. Our favorite LUNA Protein bar flavors are Lemon Vanilla and Chocolate Coconut Almond.

5. Get some Zs

Although many collegiettes spend finals week studying at the library until the wee hours of the morning, sacrificing sleep is never a good idea. Your brain needs rest, and if you’re exhausted, it’s going to be harder for you to focus and absorb information. So even if you think pulling an all-nighter works for you, give yourself time during the day to take a quick nap or two! Your mind and body will thank you.


With these tips, you’ll be able to take on finals week like a pro. Good luck, collegiettes! 

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Kelsey is a junior at The Ohio State University where she majors in Journalism. She serves as an Editorial Intern and Contributing Writer for Her Campus, and also writes for U lala. Her hobbies include loitering in cafés, watching '80s movies, and obsessing over British boys with perfect hair. After graduation, Kelsey hopes to work for a fashion magazine or lifestyle publication. You can follow Kelsey on Twitter (@kelseypomeroy) and Instagram (@kelseypomeroy).
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