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5 Easy, Last-Minute Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day On a Budget

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Let’s be real: everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is super sappy and overrated. Valentine’s Day isn’t always about spending time with your significant other. Spend it with all of the people you love, including, of course, your friends. Give your gals some special love and attention this holiday season via my fave Valentine’s Day spin-off, a Galentine’s Day party.

It’s the perfect reason to sit around, eat and have fun with your best gal pals. Here’s how to do it last-minute, and on a budget.

1. Send out a text to all your friends

Step one: make a group chat with your squad and invite everyone, whether they’re single or not. Let them know that Galentine’s Day is COMING, and it’s time to prepare.

2. Food is key

Get some delicious treats whether it be cupcakes, cookies or ice cream. You can ask each invitee to bring a treat and then everyone will have ample options to choose from. This is the perfect excuse to eat your heart out, and will help you save tons of money. Obviously ideal when you’re the host. 


3. Choose the perf movie 

There are so many great choices, it really depends on if you want something super sappy or something you can laugh wholeheartedly at.

My favorites include Valentine’s Day (of course), The Notebook, 27 Dresses, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Pride and Prejudice.

4. Decorate your dorm

Although this is not vital, it is always fun to have festive decor for a party. You can go to the dollar store for streamers and cheap decorations. Adding in some decor will be a perfect backdrop for your Instagram pictures, aka one of the main goals of a Galentine’s Day celebration. 

5. Plan some activities

It’s super fun to play some good old board games or do an activity. Some fun spa activities include painting each other’s nails and doing face masks, which is rejuvenating and relaxing. Girl talk is always fun! After a long week it can be really uplifting to just talk it out with your friends. Share your semester worries, or maybe some hot gossip. Whatever it is, use this time to catch up with everyone.

Finally, bring out the board games! Cards Against Humanity, Mafia, Taboo, Exploding Kittens, or even Scattergories are all perfect options.

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