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5 College Reveal Ideas To Post On Social Media

It’s spring, which means the flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping… and it’s college announcement season. This is an exciting time for college seniors to announce their university plans for next year, and to celebrate with their friends and family who have supported them along the way. 

But you can’t just use word of mouth to announce where you’ll be going to school, right? That’s where college reveals come in. College reveals are basically a spinoff of baby gender reveals, and they’ve become a trend high school seniors are gravitating toward. There are so many unique ideas you can use to end the period of stress and anxiety about applying to college and move to the best part, which is celebrating where you’re going next year.  

Without further ado, here are five college reveal ideas to try on YouTube and social media.

Custom College Cake Reveal

You can’t go wrong with this classic. Buy a cake with your college colors, and depending on how many surprises you want, either have the name of your college on the cake, or buy a smashable cake from Etsy where there’s candy and the college slip inside. Everyone will be happy when they get a slice of whatever you decide, and you can post it to social media for extra views.

Signing Day

Who says that athletes are the only ones who can have signing days? Stage your own signing day to announce your college plans in D1 athlete style. You can even sign your own “letter of intent” to make the experience more real, and have balloons of your college colors.

School Spirit Balloon Pop

This is certainly a fun — and messy — way to announce the school you’ve chosen. It’s a great choice if you’ve been trying to decide between two different schools. Buy some neutral-colored balloons and stuff them with your college’s colors. When you pop the balloons, everyone will know where you’re going next year.

The sorting Hat

Imagine they used a sorting hat to choose your college 🧙🏾‍♂️#kingsleytv #sortinghatchallenge #sortinghat

♬ original sound – Aaron Kingsley Brown

This is a great one for Harry Potter fans who want to announce their college Hogwarts style. Fill a wizard’s hat with a bunch of slips that say your college’s name, then pull your destined college out of the hat.

Video Montage

Create a video montage showing your progression from when you were a baby to you now, ultimately ending with the college decision. You can show your school pictures throughout the years leading up to senior year. Friends and family may get emotional seeing how fast time has flown by.

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