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The 5 Best Dorm-Room Chairs

Let’s face it: Most of your time spent in your dorm room will be spent sleeping. With that being said, there’s also studying to be done, friends to entertain and study groups to hold, and while your bed will almost certainly be used as a seat (whether it skeeves you out or not, unfortunately), it’s important that you have enough seating for you and your friends (and the occasional uninvited hallmate looking to make a friend). We’ve rounded up some of the cutest and comfiest desk chairs and lounge seating to ensure that your room is the one everyone will want to hang in. 

1. For getting a workout in at your desk

You’ve probably seen girls using exercise balls as chairs at their desks to engage the core and improve posture, but those rubber balls are not only dangerous for the clumsy collegiette (if you’ve ever rolled off of one, you know what we’re talking about), they’re also not exactly cute, and they definitely won’t work with your chic new dorm room. Luckily, PBteen has come out with their Rockin’ Roller Desk Chairs ($109 at PBteen) to solve our dilemma. These chairs are basically exercise balls covered in plush fabrics in amazing colors situated on metal frames to keep you from rolling around while you work on your problem set. Genius.

2. For entertaining

Owning your very own futon is an age-old tradition that truly symbolizes your transition from teenager-dom to young adulthood (and also your growing affinity for red cups and dorm parties). We love this College Cozy Mini Futon in Pink ($177.03 at Dorm Co) because it adds a serious pop of color. It can be a sofa when you have friends over or a bed when your sister comes to visit. If you’re lucky enough to have space in your dorm room, definitely opt for a mini futon like this, but if you have a common area, then a larger futon is even better!

3. For a chair that doubles as décor

For the more creative collegiette, your standard bean bag just won’t cut it. We spotted this Bunjo Hex Bungee Chair ($39.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond) and fell in love with the fun idea and super cute colors. The center of the chair is made of the same material as bungee cords, meaning that it’s crazy comfy as well as being super cool. The best part? This chair was practically made to be taken outside, so feel free to catch some rays on the quad while you’re studying for that French test.

4. For studying

As seasoned collegiettes, we’re going to be honest: those rocking wooden chairs that come with your desk sets at school are heinously uncomfortable and also just an eyesore. How can we be expected to wax poetic about Plato if our backs are cramping up? The solution to this madness is to store your college-issued chair under your bed or in your residence hall’s storage area and bring your own desk chair to college. It may seem excessive, but we guarantee you’ll need your own desk chair after college anyway, and you’ll be saving your neck and back some serious aches over the next four years. We definitely recommend this Lona Mesh Chair in Purple ($76.94 at Target) because the mesh is supportive but still comfy, and the swivels on the bottom mean you don’t have to get out of your chair to slide over to your coffee maker (yes, we’re that lazy). 

5. For relaxing

An oldie but a goodie, the butterfly chair has been a college staple for decades. We absolutely love this Simple by Design Memory Foam Butterfly Chair in Green ($49.99 at Kohl’s) and would definitely use this to add a pop of color to our room. Most butterfly chairs are comfy, but this one is made of memory foam, meaning you might not want to study here, lest you fall asleep mid-Shakespeare (nothing against Shakespeare). This chair comes in tons of other colors, but we’re partial to this jewel-tone green color; after all, just because your furniture is functional doesn’t mean it can’t be decorative!


Part of making your dorm room an oasis on campus is having plenty of places to kick your feet up and relax – that aren’t your bed. Before move-in day, talk with your roomie about what kind of seating you want to bring, whether it’s a storage ottoman, a futon, a butterfly chair, a bean bag or something a little funkier, to make sure your room looks and feels like a home away from home.

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