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36 Questions We Still Need Our Moms to Answer

We might be in our twenties, in college being adults and all, but we all know the minute we face a problem the first person we call is mom. Moms make the world go round. They are superhumans—strong, full of wisdom and always have the answer to our questions (even the dumbest ones). Moms, what would we do without them?

1. Can you make me a doctor's appointment?

2. What's our family medical history?

3. How do I separate laundry?

4. How long do I have to boil an egg?

5. How do I cook chicken?

6. What about beef?

7. How do I know if it's done?

8. How do I write a check?

9. Can you check my bank account and tell me how much money I have available?

10. How many stamps do I put on something?

11. What even are stamps and how do they work?

12. What’s my social security number?

13. What’s the difference between debit and credit?

14. What’s credit?

15. Do I have any?

16. Do you?

17. What’s a credit score and how do I get one?

18. What’s a good credit score?

19. Does makeup expire?

20. How do I hand-wash something?

21. Like, do I still use detergent or can I use hand soap?

22. How do I do my taxes?

23. Can you read over this for me?

24. How long is leftover food good for?

25. What’s the password to ___? (Basically everything)

26. What’s the difference between butter and margarine?

27. How often should I change the air filter?

28. What do I use to mop the floor?

29. Can I still drink the milk past the expiration date if it doesn't smell bad?

30. What the heck is a 401K?

31. How much should I be paying for water?

32. What about electricity?

33. Can you read the lease before I sign it?

34. Why is food so expensive?

35. Why is anything so expensive?

36. Why is being an adult so hard?

Aleixka has a B.A. in Media Arts and Design and a minor in Spanish from James Madison University. She loves all things books, traveling, food, and photography.
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