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23 Times You Realized These Were the Best Four Years of Your Life

You hear it all the time, and it can bring up different emotions depending on how far along you are in the process. If you’re a freshman, thinking about “the best four years” fills you with excitement and anticipation. If you’re a senior, it’s more like tears and FOMO. Either way, among all the exams, final papers and group projects that we must endure during our time in school, we also experience these magical moments when it all becomes worth it; when we realize there’s absolutely no place we’d rather be than living the best four years of our lives.

1. When you discovered you could take naps in between your classes

This is better than preschool.

2. When $1 could get you a slice of decent pizza

Is this delicious, or am I just really hungry?

3. When you went out and actually made it to your 8 a.m. the next day

Seriously, they should give out trophies for this.

4. When you realized you weren’t the only one who stays up until 3 a.m. every night


5. When class got canceled two weeks in a row

Enjoy that conference, professor. We’ll greatly miss your stimulating lectures!

6. When you didn’t actually have to attend class

So I don’t have to go to the principal’s office if I have three absences?

7. When you woke up anywhere but your own bed and didn’t know how you got there

Hi, Uber driver? Yeah, can I drop you a pin? 

8. When you found your people freshman year

Shout-out to my second floor sweethearts. 

9. When you ate your body weight in dining hall food

This whole buffet-style deal is not doing good things for my health.

10. When you realized you had endless drunk food options any given night

I’m feeling Taco Bell tonight, Micky D’s tomorrow.

11. When your song came on at a party

Make way people, it’s about to get real.

12. When you killed it on the dance floor

In your mind at least.

14. When you hosted your own party

So if 100 responded to the Facebook event, does that actually mean 100 people are coming? 

15. When you experienced the aftermath of your first party

Who stole my phone charger? What’s that red substance? How did my stuffed animal end up in the freezer?

16. When breakfast was the only thing that could get you out of bed on a Saturday

Even if it was at noon.

17. When you got your first drink bought for you on your 21st

I could get used to this.

18. When you weren’t judged for being in complete shambles basically all the time

We’re all riding the same struggle bus.

19. When you successfully submitted a paper at 11:58 p.m.

Probably my worst effort, but at least it’s on time.

20. When you made it through a night in heels without wiping out

Call me Heidi Klum.

21. When you sent drunk texts even you couldn’t understand the next morning

Your guess is as good as mine.

22. When you actually wanted to go back a week into Winter Break

Took a nap, ate a home-cooked meal… I think I’m good.

23. When you realize you never want to leave

Please don’t make me be an adult.

Rachael David is currently a senior at Penn State University and serves as the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Penn State. She is majoring in public relations and minoring in psychology. Her love of creative writing and all things Penn State is what inspired her to become a member of the HC team in the fall of 2013. Her background experience includes working for the Undergraduate Admissions Office at Penn State as a social media intern in the spring of 2014 and is currently working as a social media intern for an internet marketing company in Harrisburg called WebpageFX. This past summer she also served as a PR intern for Tierney Communications. Rachael enjoys anything media related especially catching up on her favorite shows, including Saturday Night Live and any show on Food Network. She has a passion for food but also loves being active and spending her free time running or hiking. She hopes to gain more experience in all aspects of the media industry during college and plans on pursuing a career writing for a life & style publication in the future.