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22 Signs You Go to Carnegie Mellon

As a Carnegie Mellon University student, my favorite school pride chant has to be this Kiltie Band original from football season: “Carnegie Mellon, we are the bomb, we’ll score six points like we scored with your *clap clap* tennis team!” Not only does it adequately represent the witty personalities you will encounter on campus, it also conveys our complete aversion to engaging in promiscuous acts and disrespecting people’s mothers (simultaneously!). At CMU, our moral standards are as high as our QPAs (not GPAs) and we welcome all types of people on Tartan turf (+10 points if you are not from CMU and you know what a Tartan is). While CMU students are not your typical college crowd, we are perfectly fine with being an army of passionate, brilliant nerds who want to make the world a better place. If you are plaid to the bone like myself, you probably exhibit these 22 signs of attending such an amazing university. 

1. You flaunt your nerdiness (no matter how uncomfortable it makes other people).


2. You know shopping at Entropy is like this:


3. You felt like this at the beginning of freshman year:

And this at the end:

And your upperclassmen friends were like:


4. You cross the Forbes and Morewood intersection like this:


5. You’ve spent too much money on half-price at Fuel & Fuddle or Mad Mex.


6. You think Scottie dogs are adorable.


7. You know Hunt Hotel is the nicest (and cheapest) dorm on campus.


8. You know the significance of 28X and 61D.


9. You are shocked when there is a decent guy-to-girl ratio at a party.


10. You act like this when people ask where you go to school:

And you feel like this when they say they’ve never heard of it:


11. You think painting a giant fence by hand with tiny brushes sounds like a great thing to do in the middle of the night.


12. You’ve gotten lost in Wean at least once.


13. You know when the forecast predicts any chance of rain, it is actually a 100 percent chance of rain.


14. You have a million Razzy Fresh punch cards (congrats if you’ve actually finished one!).


15. You laugh at freshmen who are fascinated when the campus lights up.


16. You either love or hate the Kiltie Band.


17. You understand the animosity between CMU and Pitt…

…but do your best to be civil (because we’re classy like that).


18. Carnival Weekend. ‘Nuff said.


19. This is how you cope with CMU tuition:


20. You know this is a normal feeling when you do your homework:


21. You get a little crazy and look little homeless during finals week.


22. But despite the insane workload and geek culture, you are crazy proud to be a Tartan!

Connie is a professional and creative writing major at Carnegie Mellon University. She is currently obsessed with pole fitness, pumpkin bread, and '80s fashion.
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