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22 Reasons to Be Glad Summer is Over

Yes, we said it: we’re glad summer is over. While we all enjoy a few weeks of hot weather and attempting to tan, there are so many things to look forward to about fall. And to be honest, summer isn’t as great as it’s cracked up to be–we’ve all had that nasty summer frizz or ended up with bad burn lines. Not cool, summer; not cool. So here’s why you should be embracing the change of season and not despairing that the ever-wonderful summer is over.

1. You’re going back to college to see your friends

2. You don’t have to worry about sunburn anymore

3. You get to buy a whole new fall wardrobe

4. It becomes acceptable to stay inside and watch movies all day (Love Actually – need we say more?)

5. Fall is sweater season, and who doesn’t love being cozy?

6.   All of our favorite TV dramas are back

7.  Shaving your legs becomes less of a priority since we’re no longer wearing shorts

8.  Football season is back (and so is tailgating!)

9.  No more bikinis = no more worrying about your bikini body

10.  We’re not going to keep finding sand from the beach in every single pocket

11.  We don’t have to keep looking at all our friends’ vacation photos on Facebook

12.  The cool weather makes you much more attractive; sweat doesn’t look pretty on anyone

13.  You can now snuggle under a blanket by the fireplace

14.  It’s cool enough to have hot chocolate (especially with marshmallows!)

15.  It’s the return of cinnamon, gingerbread and pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks

16.  It’s the perfect time for new year’s resolutions for college

17.  Daylight savings: we finally get to catch up on that lost hour of sleep

18.  Halloween is only a month away; cue pumpkin carving and an excuse to get dressed up!

19.  We get to pull out those beautiful boots we’ve had to keep in the back of our closets for months

20.  Fall leaves are the best for jumping in; the crunching noise is the best!

21.  …they also have amazing colors

22.  Thanksgiving is just round the corner; get excited, collegiettes!

Don’t despair that summer is over–just embrace how great fall is!

Lauren is the President/Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Exeter, as well as the Manager of UK Expansion and a National Writer for HerCampus.com. While she has worked with Her Campus Exeter it has achieved Pink Chapter Level status and has grown to its current status as one of the most successful chapters internationally. She's determined to grow Her Campus in the UK this year and so is looking foward to working on increasing the number of HC UK chapters and to helping the established chapters improve and develop. This summer she was lucky enough to intern in the Her Campus Head Office in Boston, and had the most amazing time -- any time she can go back, she will! In her spare time Lauren loves to play tennis, catch up with her friends, go for long walks in the Scottish countryside or to watch chick-flicks under her duvet. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @laurenhudson25.
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