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The 2020 Guide To Making College Connections

If you’re getting ready for the fall semester, you’ve probably been thinking a lot about how you’re going to meet new people. Whether you’re on campus or studying from home, you’re facing new rules and regulations that college students didn’t have to think about before. While the idea of socializing may seem a little daunting right now, ​​ there’s comfort in knowing you’re certainly not alone. 

Thousands of students are going through what you are right now, so you officially have something in common with every person in your class.  You may be thinking, okay, but now what - how do I make meaningful connections this year? This is where our recommendation comes in: Bumble​. You’ve most likely heard of the dating app before, but Bumble BFF - the friend-finding mode within the Bumble app - is sort of like a year-long orientation that’s always there to help you make connections in this changing campus culture (bonus: no awkward ice breakers included). If you haven't tried making friends through an app before, here are some reasons why now is a perfect time.

Meet friends before classes even begin ​-

Thanks to Bumble’s BFF “Bumble For Friends” mode, you can meet friends without even leaving your room. And if you’re studying from home, you can even set your location filter to the city or town surrounding your college campus. Looking for an easy way to meet new people, whatever your situation may be? If you answered ‘yes’ then this is for you.    

Find people who share your interests -

When you’re heading into a new chapter, it’s important to consider what kind of connections you’re seeking right now. Maybe you picked up a new hobby while at home this summer (tie-dyers and banana bread-bakers we see you!) and you’re looking for someone to continue that passion with. Maybe you’re coming out of a breakup and you’re seeking a romantic partner to combat loneliness (there’s Bumble Date for that!). Finding connections that amplify different passions and fill various purposes is what college is all about, so use this opportunity to step out of your comfort zone to attract people interested in doing the same. 

Embrace different types of friendships - 

Remember how in high school you had the friends you ate lunch with and then also the ones you hung out with outside of school, maybe at soccer practice or to study for a history test? The same applies to college. Allow yourself to be open to different types of friendships. Know that not every connection may be a friend forever, and that is ok. And others, whether they’re platonic or romantic, may be around for life. Some friends you may not have a lot in common with, but there is one passion where you really vibe. On the flip side, you may find yourself connecting with a whole bunch of people with many similar interests. Encourage yourself to be open to all kinds of connections.

Keep on growing your network ​-

If you find yourself continually meeting new people with similar interests, this is a perfect opportunity to grow a friend group! Bring the new friends you’ve met on Bumble into a group chat and suggest a video hangout. Organize a virtual pizza party, or if you’re feeling really ambitious, start a book club. It’s like you hosted a party in your dorm room, but you only have to clean up after yourself! Through your connections, you can initiate a new friend group while connecting others with similar interests, too.    This group will especially come in handy in those moments when a pinch of homesick hits (or when you’re trying to figure out who to room with next year).     

Build relationships that inspire and challenge you -

 Meeting all of these new connections is a great way to discover more about yourself and to gain fresh perspectives on the world! You can learn new things from every person you meet, whether they have opposing political views or come from a different background, embrace every opportunity to have an open conversation. More often than not, your new connections will inspire you or teach you something new, naturally encouraging you to be the best, most knowledgeable version of yourself. 

Support One Another: We are all in this together ​-

And most importantly, through this whole friend-making process acknowledge that life is weird and stressful right now. And no one understands how you’re feeling better than someone who’s going through the same experience alongside you. Remember we all have just spent the last few months at home, where our most frequent social interactions were probably with our pets….so we’re all a bit socially awkward rn. As you make new connections, don’t be afraid to ask them how they’re feeling or to share how you’re feeling. Your classmates will be bonded by this experience in a way like never before.                                

So go easy on yourself this semester and don’t forget to be kind to other people. There’s no better way to do this than by embracing Bumble’s community of inclusive and empowered users to build your support system this semester and beyond. 

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Madeleine managed the Her Campus national branded content team. She graduated from Fordham University in 2015, where she studied communications and marketing. Before joining HC, Madeleine most recently was the branded content editor for Delish.com and HouseBeautiful.com. She currently lives in New York City with her boyfriend and their cat, Beignet.
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