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16 Things Only Super Stubborn People Will Understand

Being stubborn is one thing, but being super stubborn is another. You have a reputation to upkeep! You’re smart mouthed, strong-willed and always right (well not always, but that’s your little secret). Here’s 16 things only super stubborn people will understand:

1. You have to win an argument, even when you know that you’re wrong.

You know that you were proven wrong five minutes ago. But honestly, that doesn’t even matter–you’ll keep going until you get the last word.

2. You refuse to let your date pay for you, even when they insist.

There’s something about being dependent on someone else that irks you to no end. You never want to owe anyone anything and paying for your own meal, for example, is an early way of you telling your companion that you’re independent and comfortable with it.

3. You’ve been told on many occasions that you would have made a great lawyer.

You are known for always having a comeback remark. Growing up, your mouthy reputation made your relatives believe that you were definitely going to become a lawyer. Too bad you were too stubborn to listen to them, because you could have been a badass Annalise Keating protégée by now.

4. Dating a person just as stubborn as you can only lead to disaster.

They’re too stubborn to say where they want to go eat, and so are you. They like to have the last word in an argument, and so do you. They refuse to text first, and SO. DO. YOU.

5. Saying, “I’m sorry” and “you’re right” is like pulling your own teeth out, one by one.

You’ve probably said both phrases about seven times (or less) in your lifetime, combined.

6. You’ve been described as “difficult” at some point in your life.

At this point, “difficult” is your Twitter bio. Can’t say that you didn’t warn anybody.

7. When someone tells you not to do something, you have to do it anyway.

It’s like an uncontrollable urge that comes over you. You really, really, really don’t like being told what to do and in order to make that notion crystal clear, you have to defy the command in some way, no matter how miniscule it may be.

8. You will defend something you believe in until your dying day.

You think that Beyoncé should be recognized as a legitimate queen? You’ll be going out of your way to bring it up in conversation and sipping on your Lemonade in front of Beehive haters until you see some action and results.

9. You have unrealistically high standards… and you refuse to admit that you do.

The list of traits that your ideal spouse must have is unrealistic and you know it. In fact, you know that it’s the reason why you’ve been single for so long, but you refuse to lower your standards. You know what you want and you know that deserve him or her.

10. Asking for help is excruciating.

It’s worse than fishing your fallen phone out of a toilet bowl. It’s worse than stuttering over your words when meeting your crush for the first time. It’s worse than having to sit through an entire country music set when you’re a dedicated hip-hop lover. You hate asking for help because it’s admitting that you can’t do something on your own. Asking for help is admitting a weakness, and you’re far too stubborn to do that.

11. You must finish everything that you start.

Never finishing a task is like never winning an argument, unsatisfying and detrimental to your ego.

12. You won’t take “no” for an answer…at least not the first time.

You’re so stubborn that you’re probably used to everyone caving in to doing what you want. In fact, you’re so stubborn and clever that people probably don’t even realize that they cannot say no to you.

13. You will hold a grudge forever, even if you don’t remember what said grudge was about.

You’ll forgive a person, sure. But forgetting about how they wronged you? What they said to you? Never in a million years.

14. You will refuse to admit that you’ve been hurt by someone.

With stubbornness comes a whole lot of pride. You refuse to give a person the satisfaction of knowing that their words or actions have affected you because of your reputation of being such an independent smartass.

15. You have to be dragged to the doctor’s office.

Admitting that you’re sick is one thing, but going to the doctor is admitting defeat. You’re so stubborn that you like to believe that you’re untouchable to the point where not even the common cold can touch you.

16. You’re too stubborn to admit that you’re stubborn.

Ding, ding, ding! Sound like you?

Brianne is a junior at Ryerson University located in Toronto, Canada. Majoring in the Creative Industries, Brianne specializes in business, fashion and journalism. Brianne loves singing, tea, all things bridal, making greeting cards, writing creatively, reading Wattpad stories, and TV! She hopes that her future career will involve making people smile and an abundance of travel. To keep up with Brianne, feel free to follow her on Instagram and Twitter: @briannealanna, and check out her website: http://briannealanna.com
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