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16 Things Not to Say to a College Student During Finals

Finals week is tough enough as it is, but there’s always that one person who has to rub in your face how perfect she is at it all. She’s there to denounce your procrastination and offer you completely unhelpful tidbits of advice, no matter how miserable you are. Below are the 16 things that no one should ever say to a collegiette during finals. Period.

1. “Why didn’t you start that project earlier?”

2. “Is that what you’re wearing?”

3. “When are you going to start studying?”

4. “Maybe you should boycott Netflix until finals are over.”

5. “Are you sure you haven’t had too much coffee?”

6. “I don’t think eating a whole jar of Nutella counts as having dinner.”

7. “You should probably get some sleep.”

8. “If you had better grades throughout the semester, you wouldn’t have to calculate the lowest grade you can make on the final to still pass the class.”

9. “Why not take a shower? It will make you feel better.”

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10. “Alcohol might not be the best choice right now.”

11. “Facebook is just a distraction.”

12. “How are you feeling about that big test?”

13. “Do you think your sudden interest in laundry might have anything to do with your desire to avoid studying?”

14. “You know your professor is not out to get you, right?”

15. “Why did you sell back your textbooks before you finished studying?”

16. “What classes are you taking next semester?”

Like, all I want to think about right now is break. Let’s focus on that, thanks!

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