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16 Gross Things All College Women Do But Won’t Admit

Not everything in college is rainbows and unicorns. Sometimes college can be a little… gross. And college women sometimes do gross things, but we’ll never tell anyone. It’s always funny when you’re talking with your friends, and you realize you both do the same gross things and you have a laugh, knowing you aren’t alone. Here are 16 gross things college women do but probably would never admit.

1. Not changing our sheets for a little too long

Honestly, who can keep track of time? You’re so tired and busy that it could have been a week ago, but it also could have been two weeks ago. Who knows?

2. Wearing the same outfit two days in a row

If you’re going to different classes and you’re not seeing the same people, why dirty more clothes? 

3. Not washing the dishes 

Or reusing the dirty dishes because you don’t want to wash ’em.

4. Wearing the same sweatpants for a week straight

Finals week or not, the things are comfy. 

5. Using perfume instead of showering

At least you smell good, right? 

6. Eating ramen for every meal

Ramen like this would be a luxury, tbh.

7. Not wearing your shower shoes

If you live in a dorm and you don’t wear shower shoes, you’re basically asking for fungus. 

8. Not washing your towel enough

That thing is basically a home for bacteria, so that’s gross AF. 

9. Not washing your bras enough

This can be especially bad if you have a new nipple piercing, but it also means your bras are sweaty bacteria breeding grounds. 

10. Not cleaning the floor

You need to Lysol the floor! 

11. Eating off your dirty floor 

Five-second rule counts in college, right? 

12. Forgetting to change your tampon for a while

I highly recommend switching to the Diva Cup so you can avoid this!!!! #NotAnAd

13. Eating food in bed

Hi, crumbs. It’s nice sleeping with you. 

14. Lying around in your sweaty workout clothes 

All because you’re too lazy to get in the shower. 

15. Not removing your makeup at night

It’s bad for your skin. So bad for your skin. 

16. Making a hairball in the shower and leaving it on the wall

Leaving it for your roommates to find later and them being like, WTF? 

Ariel graduated from Western University in 2017. She served as her chapter's Campus Correspondent, has been a National Content Writer, and a Campus Expansion Assistant. She is currently a Chapter Advisor and Chapter Advisor Region Leader.