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15 Signs You’re Really Taking Advantage of This Whole Winter Break Thing

There’s nothing like kicking back, relaxing and maxing all cool after a strenuous semester. Even though spring semester, internships, work and a whole blizzard of reponsibilities are just around the corner, now is the time to enjoy winter break. For some, this means sipping on cocoa by the fire and reflecting on a year of blessings. For others, this is YOUR time. Roll out the red carpet and sound the trumpets. The queens of the castle are home and ready to really take advantage of winter break.

1. The pants are OFF.

Egg(nog)’s out, legs out! Am I right?

2. Every day is “groutfit” day.

Blazers and blouses are a thing of the past. Wear clothes considered acceptable in the public eye? No, thank you. 

3. Your couch is custom fit.

The sofa is basically memory-foam now. There was a time when you moved…to plug your phone charger into the wall. 

4. Writing feels like a foreign ritual.

You haven’t taken notes in weeks, and the fact that your handwriting looks like a kindergartener found a pen after drinking four espressos just confirms that. Who knew adding to the grocery list could be an advanced exercise?

5. Your Pinterest game is too strong.

Martha Stewart would be proud. With all this extra time on your hands, getting crafty has never been easier! Or at least planning to be crafty…

6. You have on-call service for your favorite foods.

Dining halls are out of sight and out of mind. Being home for the holidays means enduring a marathon of your favorite foods. Mother, room service! (Okay, maybe not to that extent.)

7. You’ve got the power.

Remote control? Yours. Right to cuddling the dog? Yours. First dibs on the car? Yours. Your siblings are still in high school. They don’t understand the struggle of inaccessibility.

8. Becoming a recluse never felt so right.

Immediately after catching up with your hometown friends and childhood besties, the transformation commenced. You are now a makeup-less creature, most likely nesting in the dark with a Snuggie.

9. Every day is a spa day.

All those lotions and facial samples from Sephora are finally getting their time in the sun. Hour-long showers are the norm. Winter break isn’t exactly primetime for being eco-friendly. 

10. Doing laundry is out of the question.

You don’t care who does it, but it sure as heck is not going to be you. 

11. You’re a film and television connoisseur.

Netflix, Hulu, OnDemand…the capactiy for binge watching is never-ending. And you will watch it all.

12. You don’t remember what chores are.

How do the dishes get from the sink to the shelves? Where does all the dust go? Who tidies the living room? Mice? You’re far too busy avoiding all responsibilities to actually figure it out.

13. You smell like a Christmas cookie candle.

The oven is a nonstop cookie sheet station and the only destination is your mouth. 

14. Social media is your only connection to the outside world. 

Your thumbs are in the early stages of arthritis from all the scrolling.

15. You miss school…kind of.

Relaxing 24/7 is fantastic and all, but you can’t wait to get back to the grind. Until then, bring on the sweatpants and holiday leftovers! 

Hi there! My name is Gabrielle, and I'm the Editor/ Campus Correspondent for the Syracuse chapter of Her Campus! I am a sophomore Television, Radio, and Film major in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. I like traveling, cinematic classics, show tunes, long walks on the beach, chocolate, chocolate on the beach, and anything pink. Go 'Cuse! HCXO