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15 Signs You’re an Impatient Person

We’ve heard that patience is a virtue, but sometimes (or always) we can’t get ourselves to appreciate the long lines at the grocery store or the DMV. Being impatient kind of comes with the territory of being a girl, especially when these things are going down, and we aren’t exactly enthused about them.

1. You literally feel yourself growing old while waiting for the last five minutes of the washing machine cycle to finish, so you usually just take your clothes out early.

2. Waiting in line at Target is your own personal version of hell.

3. When the current season of your favorite TV show ends, you literally have no idea what to do with yourself until the next season, and you grow increasingly frustrated as time progresses without any new episodes to satisfy you. 

4. When class is 85 percent over, you check out. (And, subsequently, the last 10 minutes feel like they take an hour.)

5. Slow walkers shouldn’t be allowed on sidewalks ever, according to you.

6. The pizza guy said he’d be at your house in 30 to 45 minutes… which is basically an eternity, and there’s a good chance you might die before that.

7. You skim the articles in Cosmo just to get to the juicy stuff. Who has time to read every single word?

8. Putting on makeup should take 30 seconds or less—any longer, and you get too frustrated and end up stabbing yourself with a mascara wand.

9. You’re always the first one to be ready to go out, and waiting for your roommates to try on “one more” outfit makes your skin crawl.

10. Nobody else ever seems to understand why you can’t just “chill out” for a second. 

11. When your Netflix stops to buffer, you want to throw your laptop out of a window. 

12. After waiting an hour for your crush to text you back, you’re like: 

13. When cleaning supplies say, “leave on soiled area for 10 minutes to soak,” you wait, like, four, max. 

14. Tracking FedEx packages is simultaneously thrilling and anxiety-inducing. 

15. You probably didn’t even have the patience to make it to the end of this article, which is a damn shame. 

Sure, patience is a virtue, but we’ve made it thus far without it. So it can’t be that important, can it? 

Maddie is a senior at Boston College, where she spends her days fawning over literature and Art History textbooks. She was previously an editorial intern at Her Campus, and is now a HC contributing writer and blogger. Follow her on twitter @madschmitz for a collection of vaguely amusing tweets. 
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