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15 Signs Your BFF is Actually Family

Best friends aren’t really best friends until they become part of the family. Your brothers and sisters are practically hers too, just like your parents think she’s their extra daughter. You’re also convinced you might actually be sisters who were separated at birth. Regardless, if you and your best friend are close AF, you can definitely relate to the following: 

1. You bicker like sisters.

2. Your extended family is completely aware of your best friend and always ask how they are at family functions.

Most of the time, your BFF is at the family function. Sometimes your aunt invites her before you do. Oops.

3. You two text each other’s moms all the time.

She’s also friends with your mom on Facebook and following her on Instagram and Snapchat.

4. You never really knock or ring the bell.

Somehow, the door is always open for you.

5. You sense when something is wrong from miles away and call immediately.

Turns out, her cat is sick.

6. She starts eating all the food in your house.

My fridge, is your fridge… I guess.

7. You two are definitely telepathic.

You always seem to know what you two are thinking.

8. She’s the only person that can deal with all sides of you the way family does.

9. You’ve planned the next 5 years together.

Even 10 years.

10. She knows all the family secrets.

You guys know everything about each other.

12. Your texts are usually a bunch of screenshots of crap you think is funny.

“OMG, did you see that baby laugh?”

13. Your mom knows that if you’re hanging out with her that day, to set up dinner for her as well.

14. Your siblings even text her trying to get a hold of you.

15. You know for a fact that you’re stuck with each other forever.

It’s okay though, because you love each other like family!

A 20 year-old that studies Communications at San Diego State, has an overwhelming love for shoes and spends most of her time reading/writing or dancing.
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