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15 Awkward Moments Only Short Girls Will Relate To

Being 5’1 and 20 years old usually calls for a plethora of comments. Us short girls have been mistaken for 12-year-olds, pointed out at in amusement parks and even been called fun-size. But really though, we don’t think we’ve grown since fifth grade. Whatever happens, we need to embrace our shortness and all of the awkwardness that comes with it. 

1. Having to stand on the countertops to reach the shelf.

2. Getting annoyed when yet another person says, “Oh wow, you’re really small.”

3. When you stand up after a lunch meeting and you see the shock on the person’s face because of your height.

4. Swimming. Only the top of your head pops out in the 5 ft section. The 6 feet section is a danger zone.

5. Sitting behind… well, anyone.

6. Concerts. NEVER buy pit tickets.

7. Can’t take the selfie because you’ll cut off everyone’s head.

8. Pants are the worst. They are always too long. Don’t worry because I know how to hem pants now.

9. Walking next to a tall person. Their strides are so long, you have to run beside them.

10. Dating anyone over 6 feet. It’s like dating a giant. Or maybe it’s like dating a midget… never thought of it like that.

11. You can turn a maxi skirt into a maxi dress easily.

12. You’re always adjusting the car seat.

13. People always point out your height at amusement parks. “Hey, do you even reach the height requirement.” Ha. ha. Good one.

14. Your feet never touch the ground when you’re sitting.

15. Grocery stores are not made for us. Somehow, everything you need is on the top shelf.

It’s okay, we can wear heels. HA.

A 20 year-old that studies Communications at San Diego State, has an overwhelming love for shoes and spends most of her time reading/writing or dancing.
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