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14 College Graduation Gifts for Women in STEM

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% from Her Campus.

Anyone who said girls weren’t into math and science was seriously disturbed. Whether you’re beginning your Ph.D. in chemistry or moving to Silicon Valley to be a software engineer, this gift guide’s for you. 


Feminism is the Radical Notion Charity Shirt, $23.99, available at Wicked Clothes

This sassy tee lays it all out there for anyone who dares challenge feminism.

Insect or Gadget Mug, $14.99, available at ModCloth

The science-obsessed girl in your life will LOVE this buggy mug.

The Botany Coloring Book, $21.99, available at Urban Outfitters

Because who wants to color anything else besides flowers and plants?

Cool Science Ice Tray, $12.99, available at mental_floss

This cool AF (literally) ice tray is perfect for post-graduation celebratory jello shots.

Fresh Take Leggings in Mathematics, $24.99, available at ModCloth

Why wear regular leggings when you could wear ones covered in math equations?!

Grey Mathematics Mug, $14.95, available at Yearbook Studios

Start your day off right with a cup of coffee in this mathematical mug.


Periodic Table Noble Gases Coasters, Set of 6 in Bamboo, $26.95, available at Etsy

Show off your nerdy side with these noble gases coasters—a cute accent for your new post-grad kitchen.

The Future is Female Sweatshirt, $50, available at Otherwild

The perfect sweatshirt for all the STEMinists out there!

Gold DNA Ring, $29, available at Etsy

Wear science on your fingers with this elegant and subtle nod to your favorite subject.

Bill Nye for President, $29, available at Wanelo

He was your idol back in the day, and maybe why you got into science in the first place.

The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science, $27.47, available at Amazon

Now that you’re basically a grownup, channel your science skills into cooking for yourself.

OVER $50

Laptop Attache in Classic Navy, $98, available at Vera Bradley

Say goodbye to boring, clunky laptop cases and say hello to this super-polished attaché. Not only will it protect your laptop, but it also has room for everything you need for a big meeting.

Elemental My Dear Spice Rack Set, $54.99, available at ModCloth

Cooking is practically a science, so why not incorporate these quirky chemical-inspired spice jars?!

Feminist Necklace (BB x Me & You), $125, available at Bing Bang NYC

Make a statement with this loud-and-proud necklace.

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