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14 Cat Videos Guaranteed To Reduce Stress During Finals

Finals are no fun for anyone. Papers, projects and tests galore—all on top of the extreme urge to rush home for holiday festivities—tend to give collegiettes the finals blues. Replace those pesky blues with cat-scratch fever! There’s nothing like a bundle of fur and whiskers to calm your nerves. Destress and take a look at these mischievous creatures. Luckily, the internet is crawling with funny fluffballs like…

1. This sweet kitten who just wants to play.

J’adore Paris more than ever!

2. These catnappers.

They can’t escape the paparazzi, no matter how much they just want to sleep. So relatable. 

3. This extremely dramatic cat.

Basically you when you found out you were missing a page of the syllabus. 

4. This cat summing up your life.

Do you want to study?

5. These kittens trying things for the first time.

They’re just like us!

6. This well-spoken cat mentoring the new kitten of the house.

“Hide from Vah-Coomb.” This one’s got some golden tidbits of advice.

7. This cat giving you the low-down on how to be a great girlfriend.

Highlight your feminine wiles like this wild feline.

8. These strangely talkative cats.

Quite a mouth on those kitties.

9. This surprised kitten.

My heart!

10. This utterly chic film-noir cat.

Check out the rest of Henri’s channel to feel strangely cultured for watching cat videos on the Internet.

11. This gift from the gods: Lil Bub.

Bub is a star in the kitty community, and it’s easy to see why.

12. This musical genius.

There’s a reason why this jazzy cat has over 42 million views. That reason is probably procrastination…but let’s not distract from the evident quality of talent here.

13. This ninja cat.

Sneaking up on you like your final projects.

14. This sassy cat of positivity.

Can you get through these finals? Yasssss!

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