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11 Reasons Why Chocolate is Better Than a Boyfriend

We know you’ve had a long-time love affair with chocolate, but the time has come to take action. Leave those boring boyfriends behind – or steer clear of them completely – because chocolate should be a full-time love, not just one you sneak on the weekends. Forget affairs – we’re falling head over heels for smooth, milky chocolate, and here’s why:

1. Chocolate comes in so many different shapes and sizes

You’ll never get sick of him wearing the same boring T-shirt every day.

2. You can never get enough of each other

Because, let’s face it, boyfriends can be a little hovercraft-y sometimes.

3. It gets along great with your friends

Don’t judge us for calling Marshmallow and Graham Cracker our BFFs, okay?

4. It can be gluten-free!

Our favorite LUNA Bars are now all gluten-free. Everyone’s, like, totally breaking up with gluten as a friend, so we feel like we should too.

5. Chocolate makes us feel all the good feelings

It’s never selfish or rude, and it definitely never sends a one-word response when we double-text it.

6. It’s a total softy

No matter how hard it tries to put up a tough front, we know it’s really just gooey and sweet inside. Unlike frat boys.

7. Chocolate doesn’t try to guilt-trip you into dieting

Because even a chocolate cupcake can be healthy when it’s gluten free, high in calcium and folic acid, rich in antioxidants and filled with protein-y fiber-y goodness. At least, a Chocolate Cupcake LUNA Bar can be.

8. Chocolate knows exactly how to comfort you

“Stop crying,” and, “Everything happens for a reason,” just aren’t in its vocabulary.

9. It’s the hottest thing in sight

Everyone’s so jealous that I’m with chocolate, and chocolate chose me, not you.

10. You always know who to call in an emergency

Because sometimes people just aren’t there for you like chocolate is.

11. Chocolate will never break your heart

Sorry, boys, but we’re moving on to greener pastures – or, you know, more chocolate-y pastures. And we’re not even worried about how much chocolate we’re enjoying – not when we’ve got gluten-free friends like LUNA Bars to keep us company. Chocolate Cupcake, anyone?

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