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10 Ways to Take Your Instagram Feed to the Next Level

Let’s be real, Facebook is perfect for tagging your friends in memes, and Twitter is great for your daily dose of sass––but the real ~self-expression~ happens on Instagram. All you aspiring influencers know that on top of creating a fun personal brand for yourself, crafting a feed that’s visually pleasing and consistent actually takes a lot of planning. Here are 10 simple tips that will take your Instagram game to the next level instantly, all inspired by our gorgeous events and partners from College Fashion Week 2017!

1. Use natural light whenever possible


Thanks for the goodies, @studentuniverse  #collegefashionweek

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Lighting is everything, and the more sunny, well-lit photos you have in your feed the better. Not only will you be saving your followers from having to turn up the brightness on their phones, but the subjects of your shots will look that much more pleasing and vivid. Besides, what better way to show off the fun you had with StudentUniverse at College Fashion Week (and your future travel adventures!) than with a breathtaking shot fueled by natural sunlight?

2. Mix up your feed with a Boomerang


@acuvue, all the better to see the killer #collegefashionweek looks with 

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Social media experts know that no matter how stylish your #ootd is, sometimes it just looks better shown off dancing in a Boomerang than as a still photo. While you won’t want to flood your Instagram with these mini-videos, posting one occasionally is an easy way to add a bit of action to your feed. Just check out our College Fashion Week models loving their ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses pillows to spark your imagination! 

3. Grab attention with a clear point of interest

When we think attention grabbing, we think Spindrift Sparkling Water­­––our favorite College Fashion Week accessory! Having a clear point of focus for your posts draws your follower’s eye to what you want them to notice, whether it’s a beverage, accessory, outfit or landmark. Plus, establishing common points of focus in your posts is a smart way to give your Instagram account a theme. For instance, making your posts food focused is perfect for establishing a foodie dedicated Instagram.  

4. Shoot from a different angle


Becoming our own hair goals at #collegefashionweek thanks to @bedheadbytigi  Tag us in your CFW photos for a repost! 

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To make your feed stand out from thousands of other users, capitalize on authentic and unique posts. A simple way to do this is by shooting pictures from unexpected angles. We captured these Bed Head by TIGI must-haves while they waited for our models in a glam chair. So chic, so individual! Get creative with your staging and that distinction is sure to show in your posts.

5. Use props


Stocking up on fall essentials at @primark @ #collegefashionweek 

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Instead of going for a classic, smiling pose, get innovative by utilize props in your photos. At College Fashion Week, this model played with her Primark fall scarf for extra posing power and it slayed. What are you waiting for? Time to make your Instagram feed look this good!

6. Stay consistent with color

Your feed is basically your visual personality, so make sure to emphasize consistent color choices whenever possible. Whether you’re sticking to white hues or including splashes of color in every post, the key thing here is regularity. We love these sherbet pink and oranges tones from Ulta Beauty’s professional beauty bar––just make sure to add a post showing off your makeup, too.

7. Do a flat lay


Reason #2740261 we’re excited for #collegefashionweek: the endless goodies! 

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Flat lays are essential for product hauls, tables full of food, desk accessories––basically anything where there are multiple points of focus. Get inspired by this flat lay of our College Fashion Week goodies (btw, how stunning does that IT Cosmetics makeup look?), and notice that the key strategy of this post is to utilize natural light. Your flat lay will look that much better when your photo is devoid of shadows.

8. Don’t over-edit

Oftentimes, simplicity can really take your Instagram feed to the next level, so be careful not to over-edit your photos and risk diminishing the viewing quality. This post of our College Fashion Week gifts is incredibly understated, making it easy to view each unique goody, from surprises in the POPSUGAR Must Have Box to Boxed Water. We love when a post looks easy on the eyes!

9. Keep your theme consistent


Obsessed with the #collegefashionweek looks? SAME! Luckily you can shop them on @lusthave 

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Just like use of color, people will be that much more attracted to your account if you have a specific, consistent theme to offer. Whether you’re a foodie lover or fashion blogger, people will follow you because they want to feel inspired by your passion, so don’t be afraid to stick with a theme that’s meaningful to you. Still struggling for ideas? Take a few pointers from Lust Have, a fashion app that’s always serving up style inspo and top trends.

10. Add tags to get your post noticed


me @ my responsibilities, stress, & fuckboys // @hcxo.shop

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It’s 2017, and that means you should freely add hashtags and tag your favorite brands where it makes sense. Hashtags get your post noticed by people searching that subject, and tagging brands, especially when you’re using one of their products, might get you a regram. Regrams = more followers, so tag away to truly increase your post’s reach. Hint: try tagging our @hcxo.shop on Instagram and just wait for the Her Campus love to pour in.

We can’t wait to see how next level your feeds become, and we hope you enjoyed your time at College Fashion Week 2017. We’ll see you next year, collegiettes!

College Fashion Week 2017 was powered by StudentUniverse, ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses, Spindrift Sparkling Water­­, Bed Head by TIGI, Primark, Ulta Beauty, IT Cosmetics, POPSUGAR, and Lust Have.

Cover photo courtesy of @lovehannahlee.

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