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10 Meaningful Habits That Will Be Game-Changing in Your 20s

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As I get older, there are things related to ~adulting~ that I definitely wish I were better at. These things range from budgeting to cooking to prioritizing and EVERYTHING in between – but adulting is hard, and it’s even harder to find a starting point to master these skills. To make it a bit easier, here are the ways I started to build my responsible habits, and how you can start planning to master these skills and qualities in your 20s as well!

1. Learn to budget

person holding money
Sharon McCutcheon

Determining a budget that works for you is an art. It has to involve the perfect balance of allowing you to live your life while being responsible at the same time. It’s also important to remember that your budget can evolve depending on your income or priorities, so don’t feel like you’re stuck with the same budget forever. Especially in college, this is something that could change every semester! 

2. Find a routine that works for you

two women talking
Mimi Thian

While this isn’t exactly a single habit, it’s really necessary to test what structure works best for you and your life. Having routine will create a system that works the best for you to function in, so all other habits and needs will flow seamlessly into place!  

3. Incorporate self-care

Noelle Australia
Noelle Australia / Unsplash

Honestly, self-care can range from exercising, to watching TV in your pajamas, to going to yoga and using essential oils. Self-care is totally personal, and everyone has a different version of that in practice. But no matter what, incorporating this valuable time for yourself in daily life is crucial! 

4. Don’t be afraid to fail

Girl Holding Her Knees
Breanna Coon / Her Campus

Sure, this habit is more of a mindset, but learning how to deal with things not going as planned is a huge part of life. The more comfortable you get with failure, then the more resilient you’ll be when it occurs.

5. Cook for yourself

a woman leans over a pan of food, taste-testing it
Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas | Pexels

Even if cooking doesn’t sound fun or like a priority, it is going to change your life and eating habits. Cooking can be a fun way to hang out with friends, save money, and prepare meals that are healthier for your body than frozen food or takeout. As soon as your 20s hit, this should be a top concern. 

6. Explore new places

Blonde Hair Blur Daylight Environment
Sebastian Voortman / Pexels

Exploring covers anything from walking around your neighborhood to traveling to a new city or country – just getting out there and seeing something new! Exploring expands who you are, what you know, and can educate you about different cultures, so it’s an overall fantastic way to learn more about others and yourself.

7. Build a social life

Four Women In Front Of Green Bushes
Hannah Nelson / Pexels

This means prioritizing friends and family by setting aside time weekly to catch up, or even sending a gift saying you’re thinking of them. Good friends and family members are the people who will stick by you during the hard times and the mundane times, so making it a priority to cherish them is important.

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