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10 Items You Forgot to Pack for College

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Welcome to college! Now that you’re all settled in your dorm, you’ve probably realized there’s quite a bit you forgot to pack. Don’t worry, we’re here to remind you of the essentials you’ve forgotten. Even better––all these items can be purchased at IKEA, so you only need to make one stop online or in store to complete your dream dorm.

1. Hanging shoe organizer

You’re moved in, but your closet is full and you’ve run out of places to keep your shoes and other small things. What’s a girl to do?! Add the SKUBB hanging shoe organizer to your last-minute shopping list for instantly more bedroom storage. It has 16 pockets able to hold anything from shoes to scarves to jewelry, which will definitely come in handy this year.

2. Noticeboard

vaggis noticeboard white 0405543 PE566770 S4
Whether you’re leaving a note for your roommate or just want a place to put up pictures of friends from home, a noticeboard is crucial for completing your dorm look. This VÄGGIS noticeboard hangs horizontally or vertically, so it’s perfect for adapting to your small space.

3. Laundry basket

You’re probably asking yourself how you could forget something so essential, but we know in the haze of college move-in that anything can slip your mind. The FLYLLEN laundry basket is flexible and airy, which means it’s easy to store in your closet or fit compactly under your bed. Plus, the neutral blue color is sure to blend with any dorm decor!’

4. Throw blanket

A throw blanket is the perfect cozy necessity to make your dorm room feel like home. With the GURLI throw you can snuggle up after a long day of class and keep yourself extra warm when winter comes around. Definitely add this throw to your last-minute list!

5. Storage boxes

Now that you’re settled, you realize dorm rooms aren’t known for their roominess. If you’ve run out of space in your closet and drawers, pick up a storage box to hold the rest. The TJENA box with lid is a great compliment to your décor, or go with the SAMLA storage box series for something that fits conspicuously under your bed and protects your items from dust. Lucky for you, IKEA has tons of storage boxes to fit your every need.

6. Decorative posters

You were so busy packing all your back to school essentials that you forgot the fun part: decorations! The true mark of a designer-worthy dorm are the chic posters upping the quality of your space. We recommend this stunning TRILLING poster set to totally take your room to the next level. 

7. Curtains

vivan curtains pair gray 0409285 PE569612 S4
By now, you’ve learned that dorm life doesn’t come with a ton of privacy. By adding these VIVAN curtains you’ll spruce up your space while also adding an extra layer of privacy. We’ll say that’s a double win.

8. Coffee and tea maker

Caffeine is the key to surviving the college hustle. Having the UPPHETTA coffee and tea maker in your room will help you rally for everything from a long day of class to sorority rush week. A must for your last-minute list? Definitely.

9. Laptop stand

Already tired of studying in the library or common room? Add the SVARTÅSEN laptop stand to your shopping list and bring this easy, adaptable work surface to your dorm room. Writing a paper from bed? Yes please!

10. Backpack

The last thing you need to be completely college ready is a backpack. The FÖRENKLA Backpack is packed with storage, and is sturdy enough to take you from a full day of class to off-campus with friends.

Once you pick up these last-minute essentials from IKEA, you’ll be living the best dorm life possible. Welcome to your new home, collegiettes!

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