Get Your Greek On: The 10 Greek-est Colleges in the Country

Okay, pre-collegiettes, it’s almost time to decide where you’re going to college and there’s so much to consider: location, majors, tuition, and social life for example. Love it or hate it, Greek life’s presence on campus is definitely something to think about. While some campuses barely have fraternities and sororities, others eat, sleep, and breathe Greek. Don’t believe us? We’ve taken the campuses with the highest percentages of sororities and fraternities, according to US News, and created the ultimate list of Greek-est colleges. It doesn’t end there: we’re also giving you some insight into what Greek life at these schools is like. You’re welcome!

1. Clearwater Christian College 

Of course there aren’t any campuses that are 100% Greek, right? Wrong! With six fraternities and six sororities, Clearwater Christian College is 100% Greek. According to the school’s website, Greek life here is all about giving back to the community, both on and off campus. Not only do these sororities and fraternities – AKA the Greeks – partake in their share of community service, but they also sponsor various intramural clubs, like flag football and volleyball. If this isn’t campus-conscious Greek life, what is?

2. Free Will Baptist Bible College

Maybe 100% Greek life is a little too intense for some of you, but there are other options. Example? A college with 98% Greek life, obviously. This college, which is located in Tennessee, has 98% of boys in fraternities and 98% of girls in sororities. Since Free Will Baptist Bible College is a Christian college, Greek life here is all about creating close ties with people who share the same faith as you. With a strong religious affiliation and 282 undergrads- yes, only 282 students- Free Will Baptist Bible College is great for pre-collegiettes™ who want to broaden their spirituality and partake in Greek life.

3. Washington & Lee University

Not only was Washington & Lee ranked 12th on US News’ National Liberal Arts Colleges List, but it’s also number three on our Greek life list. This school has 85% of boys in fraternities and 77% of girls in sororities.  If you’re craving a super Greek school, look no further! “Washington & Lee is completely dominated by Greek life,” says Kerstin, a sophomore at Washington & Lee. “However, one great thing about our school is that social events are often mixed. It’s rarely just one sorority associating with one fraternity.” There are so many options, how could you not rush at Washington & Lee?

4. Ohio Valley University

Located in West Virginia, this Christian-affiliated college is filled with Greek life. According to recent statistics from US News, 70% of the university’s students are involved in Greek life. But what if you’re not exactly a girl’s girl? No worries, that’s not a problem at Ohio Valley. All four fraternities are referred to as brother-sister social clubs. Translation? Greek life here partakes in academic, spiritual, and philanthropic activities so there are plenty of opportunities to hang with the guys.

5. DePauw University

DePauw University has a lot to offer: an on-campus nature park, a mentor program, oh, and a lot of Greek life. Approximately 78% of DePauw’s boys are in fraternities while 68% of the university’s girls are in sororities. Pre-collegiettes, you’ve seen the movies and (secretly) watch reruns of Greek on Netflix, but does all of that weird pledging stuff actually happen? Cue the sigh of relief because you won’t find invasive hazing at DePauw. Greek life here established anti-hazing rules so you can get your Greek on without worrying about cruel and unusual pledge assignments. DePauw University has 11 fraternities and 12 sororities. That’s some variety!