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Majors. Dorms. Roommates. Campuses. Internships. College will probably be one of the most exciting times of your life, but when you're a high school senior, the prospect of choosing the college that is right for you (and getting in!) can be beyond nerve-wracking. How do college experiences vary between big state schools, Ivy Leagues, small liberal arts colleges and technical schools? How will college be different from high school? What tricks of the trade can help you make the most out of these next four years?

Fear not, pre-collegiettes! Her Campus has teamed up with McDonald's to answer all of your burning questions in a three-hour live “College Confessionals” webcast featuring undergraduates from 10 different campuses and moderated by Her Campus co-founder Annie Wang (that’s me)!

During our webcast, you’ll hear from real students who currently attend Boston University, Carnegie Mellon, Harvard, Northwestern, Princeton, UCSD, UConn, University of Florida, UMass Amherst and William & Mary. They’ll share their experiences and demystify what college is all about. We’ll cover topics including the application process, campus life, academics and how college compares to high school.

Best of all, YOU can submit your own questions to our collegiette panelists using Google Hangouts. Simply create a Google+ account and send your questions through the broadcast page, located at Here’s how:

  • Once you’ve created your account, navigate to the event page
  • Click “Q&A” in the top right corner of the webcast screen
  • Click “Ask a new question” in the bottom right corner of the pop-up screen
  • Type in your question!
  • If you see that someone else has already asked your question in the question feed, simply click the plus sign (+) within the question box to indicate that you also want this question answered. The number next to the (+) sign indicates how many people have liked it. The higher that number is, the more likely it is that I (Annie) will select that question to ask during the webcast! 

Then, sign in to the live webcast on Sunday, 9/21 at 3 p.m. EST and hear your questions answered!

Her Campus is proud to be partnering with McDonald’s, a company that has demonstrated its support for high school students pursuing higher education through programs like the McDonald’s Education Workshops for Asian-American students and now, Her Campus’s College Confessionals! In addition, McDonald’s has awarded over $52 million in scholarship funds since 1985 for pre-collegiettes everywhere through the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) scholarship program. These scholarships are offered to students with financial need who have demonstrated academic achievement, leadership and community involvement, which means ambitious pre-collegiettes like you are just who they’re looking for! Plus, several of the scholarships are also specifically catered toward minority applicants. Tune in to our webcast to meet one collegiette who was the recipient of one of these scholarships, and learn about the difference it made in her life! Think you might be eligible? Learn more about the Ronald McDonald House Charities scholarships.


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Lastly, don’t forget to submit your questions to our College Confessionals Google Hangout page anytime leading up to our webcast, and we’ll see you for the live webcast on Sunday, 9/21 at 3 p.m. EST!